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About Us

Who We Are

Camel Treks Australia offers Camel-riding safaris and treks in Australia and International Journeys in India, Mongolia, Turkey & Morocco.​

The camel is one of the world's most important domesticated animals - the dromedary and bactrian camel - has revealed how its genetic diversity has been shaped by ancient trade routes.


Camels have moved with people, through trading dating 3000 years, by analysing routes, we see a signature of our historical past.


Camel treks will appeal to the vast majority of tourists who have concerns about animal welfare and other aspects of sustainability. Guests will meet camels who would have otherwise been destined for the abattoir as camels in Australia are classified as feral and are a current culling target.


Our camels now enjoy life in the context of tourism. They enjoy meeting people and we enjoy sharing the marvels of these characters with big hearts and healthy humps.

Camel Treks Australia is a husband and wife passion, located primarily in the arid desert zones of Outback South Australia. Paul has over 30 years and Karen 24 years worth of camel experience. 

The company was founded because Karen won't live any other way, and Paul loves Karen! 

Paul and Karen met competing against each other at a camel race in 1997. They've worked camels independently and then created Blue Sky Camel Charters in 2000. The company has evolved from its origins changing names to Camel Tours and Treks SA, founded in 2003 to include working on a busy beach at Victor Harbor, within The Royal Zoological Society Monarto Zoological Park, and extended treks in the World Heritage listed Coorong National Park. At this time they were awarded a Best Tour Operator Award by the South Australia Tourism Commission. In 2009, the company changed its name again to Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd and relocated to the Flinders Ranges in 2013. In this location they have been awarded the Silver Medal in Adventure Tourism at the South Australian Tourism Awards in 2017, and were successful finalists for the 2018 awards in two categories, Eco Tourism and Adventure Tourism.

Over the years, Camel Treks Australia's crew and camels have been featured in commercials, festivals, ABC television, ABC Radio, SBS, BBC International, Totally Wild, The Great Outdoors, Discover South Australia, South Australia Life, Good Life Pictures, National Geographic, The Traveller, Maire Claire Australia, The Advertiser, and the company currently ranks in South Australia’s Top 100 Bucket List. The camels have also featured in the award-winning short documentary The Khalik Family Kite at the St Kilda Film Festival. Well-known figures such as the former Miss Universe Australia model Jennifer Hawkins, and former Minister of Tourism Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith have sat atop our chariots.

The company has offered international tours since 2013, working exclusively with overseas facilitators in Turkey, Mongolia, Morocco, and India. International journeys greatly bolster some of the last remaining nomads which is a privilege that Camel Treks Australia proudly supports.


Camel Treks Australia has successfully trained export camels in collaboration within a team of Australian professionals for U.A.E. royalty. Karen Ellis has since been a speaker at government-funded conferences and workshops in India and Dubai, cultivating international interest for streamlined export between Australia and the Gulf States. Both Paul and Karen are opposed to a repeat of the government culling camels, and feel that alternative intelligent solutions offer a myriad of viable options.