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Off The Birdsville Track

Clayton Station | Lake Eyre   Tirari Desert 

May - September in Outback South Australia 

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"Camel Treks Australia is committed to ethical and animal-centric practices, strictly avoiding the use of harsh control methods or devices. Unlike experiences where animals might be subjected to strings or heavy ropes attached to pegs, causing harm to sensitive nose tissue, or chain halters that can inflict discomfort by grabbing and locking onto the jaw bone, our guests are assured a peaceful encounter. They meet camels that have been trained with kindness from the outset or rescued camels that have had the opportunity to unwind, breathe, and form new relationships with both their fellow camels and the visiting people. For us, the greatest joy lies in providing a humane and positive experience for both our guests and our camels."

Karen J Ellis, Director ~ Camel Treks Australia


2024 Trekking Dates TBA soon

  • All 2024 treks can be conveniently booked online via the dated trek images below.


  • Bookings are confirmed with a 25% non-refundable deposit, which is fully transferable.


  • Final trekking payments are due 90 days prior to the chosen trek departure date.

  • Camel Treks Australia requires guests to obtain travel insurance as a crucial component of our terms of participation  - at the time of booking to ensure comprehensive coverage for unforeseen incidents such as extreme weather conditions, flight alterations, or accommodation issues. Please be aware that treks impacted by these events are non-refundable. Obtaining travel insurance is deemed mandatory for trek participation, and we urge all guests to secure a comprehensive policy covering the entire duration of their specific trek, as well as all travel arrangements to and from our designated destinations, whether within Australia or Overseas.

  • Treks are limited and passenger numbers are restricted to allow for a personalised experience with a maximum of 8 riders and 6 - 8 bush walkers. 

  • Optional Accommodation on Your Night of Arrival and Departure: Two Clayton Station units offer a touch of luxury amidst a captivating desert landscape. Indulge yourself by unwinding under the stars in the outside hot tub filled with mineral-rich waters from the Great Artesian Basin or the indoor bath. Take a leisurely stroll along the typically arid creek or simply unwind on the deck, taking in the breathtaking view of a splendid sunset. Click here to make a direct booking - Clayton Station Accommodation Book Now.

  • Bush Walking guests @ reduced rate

Bush walking or Camel riding

Whether you're looking to explore the Outback at a leisurely pace, take in the stunning scenery, or simply enjoy a unique experience that you'll remember for years to come, camel riding and bush walking are the perfect additions to any journey. 

Camel riding is an unforgettable experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone looking to add a touch of adventure to their holiday. This age-old mode of transportation has been used for centuries, allowing travellers to cross vast distances with ease and grace. 

Bushwalking is a thrilling way to explore the rugged beauty of Outback Australia. As you walk, you'll encounter a rich variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, and a host of other creatures that make their homes in the outback. Our experienced guides will help you identify these fascinating animals and share their insights into the unique ecology of the region, giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of this incredible ecosystem.

When booking online, choose between the 'Riding' or 'Bush Walking' options simply by clicking on your preferred trekking dates from the pictures below. Bush walking guests enjoy the same amount of contact with our friendly camels, crew and delicious camp oven meals, at a reduced rate. You can also choose to accompany our experienced cameleers in leading a non-riding camel string. Riding guests can choose to ride or walk throughout the trek, combining the two options at their leisure.

Arrival & Departure

We recommend the following optional extra schedule, utilising two charter services, to reach our trekking base on Clayton Station in the remote Outback of South Australia from the starting point of Adelaide City. The total cost for round-trip transfers, combining both services each way, is $268.40 per person. We have calculated this cost to be as affordable as possible. Please note that this cost does not include any food or beverages that guests may choose to purchase during the journey.

  • For travellers coming from overseas or interstate, we suggest arriving in Adelaide City the evening prior to your departure, and staying at the YHA. The YHA offers comfortable and affordable accommodations, and it is conveniently located near the Adelaide Central Bus Station, which serves as the departure point for the bus. If time permits be sure to visit The Adelaide Central Market.

  • The next morning, guests are required to arrive at The Adelaide Central Bus Station, conveniently located in the heart of Adelaide City. From there, they will travel to Port Augusta Regional City using the Stateliner Premier Coach Services. To book this service, please visit the Stateliner Premier Coach Services website or contact them at 1300 851 345 or via email at It is important to note that this service is an optional extra and requires direct pre-booking with the agents at Stateliner Premier Coach Services. Please make sure to book the bus service departing from Adelaide City to Port Augusta Regional City, following the schedule provided below:      

  1. ​​4 Day Treks - Book the Monday 8.30am service, arriving at Port Augusta for 12.46pm - returning on Saturday 1.30pm from Port Augusta to Adelaide City for 5.50pm. Cost $62.80 per person, per each way. 

  2. 9 Day Treks - Book the Monday 8.30am service, arriving at Port Augusta for 12.46pm - returning the following week on Thursday at 1.30pm arriving at Adelaide City for 5.50pm .Camel Treks Australia provides both return transfers to and from Port Augusta to the camel trek base. Cost $62.80 per person, per each way. 

  • Camel Treks Australia staff will transport guests within off-road all-terrain vehicles from Port Augusta Regional City to Clayton Station, with a journey time of approximately 5 hours. Rest stops at cafes and bathrooms will be offered throughout. The cost for this transportation is $205.60 per person, per each way. Guests can choose to select this option as an add-on at the time of booking their trek or contact us later to include it in their listed booking. Please note that the mentioned cost covers the transportation service only and should be added to the total trek booking cost.

  • Camel Treks Australia's staff will leave early with guests on the day of departure from Clayton Station to Port Augusta for their final return transfer with the Stateliner Premier Coach Service.

  • The coach service returns to The Adelaide Central Bus Station in Adelaide City, and if pre-arranged, a transfer with Shuttlefare will take you to the Adelaide Airport or transfer to CBD Hotels. Adelaide City also has excellent metered taxi services.


  • Self-driving guests with high 2-wheel drive vehicles are welcome to arrive at our trekking base location. We kindly request that you review the Outback Roads website before your departure. It is important for self-drivers to be aware that road and weather conditions can rapidly vary and change in the Outback, with frequent crossings of native animals and station stock on the roads. Additionally, self-driving guests should ensure they have a spare tire, an adequate supply of drinking water, and confidence in the mechanical reliability of their vehicles. Please note that mechanical services and towing services in this remote Outback location are limited and costly. Self-driving guests are welcome to arrive at The Clayton Station Wetlands Camping Ground anytime from 3pm onwards. Please note that the Camel Treks Australia crew will be available from 5pm onwards and will provide an evening meal. If you arrive earlier, feel free to enjoy the hot spa and showers. For navigation, we recommend setting your GPS to Clayton Station, Birdsville Track, or Marree in South Australia (postcode 5733). From there, follow the Birdsville Track to reach Clayton Station, which is approximately 54kms North from Marree.

We hope this information makes your journey stress-free, and we look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable trekking experience.

Clayton Station is located at the south end of the Birdsville Track.

Clayton Station has been in the Oldfield family since 1955 and is a well-known pastoral property situated on the southern end of the famous Birdsville track, 54km North of Marree in Outback South Australia.


The station is approximately one thousand square miles of a variety of land and soil types. Owners Shane and Debbie Oldfield have been stocking and breeding beef cattle, as well as horses, these being mainly the Waler type. These versatile horses are used for everything from general hacking to endurance, showing, and polocrosse. 


Clayton Station also offers limited luxury accommodation with 2 ×2 bedroom units. At night, guests can enjoy relaxing on the deck, or in the hot tub overlooking Clayton creek; sunsets there are spectacular. 

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