Camp Oven Cooking for healthy eating on Camel Treks

Throughout each camel trek guests enjoy meals prepared in Cast Iron cookwear, namely our camp ovens. Cast Iron is heavy duty and copes with the fires flames and coals, whilst preserving flavour and allowing us to produce veratile recipes from savory mains through to damper breads and sweets; our fyrpans are cast iron also. I was really pleased to find the below article and felt it worth while to share ... we are focused on longevity and health at Camel Treks Australia, so this is good news for us and our guests. The old wives` tale is true. Cooking in a cast-iron skillet increases the body`s absorption of this important metal. If you have not yet discovered the benefits of cast iron cooking,

Camels, people and the media in 2015

Camel Treks Australia is always aiming to work with the times ... blending our love of simplicity with learning the complexities of on-line media and marketing. I'm certain others could perform swifter outcomes, we just plod along like the rhythm of our beloved camels. We know many great cameleers that are well beyond retirement age but still able and ready to share their knowledge with the younger emerging cameleers of tomorrow. Sadly they don't own computers and have no desire to alter that. Its changing times and we feel that what we do is keeping something grassroots alive and we know that tackling social media and letting people know what we do is just as important. This year we won't b

Photography Treks with Pete Dobre of Eternity Films

We are so fortunate to work with the amazing fella Pete Dobre. He's a champion photographer as well as human being. If he doesn't have his camera in hand then he's asleep. His youtubes are like a trip to the movies and I work hard to get him to keep it to a couple of minutes. Pete gives 110% on the Camel Treks Australia Photography Treks, we love Pete, our guests adore him and his aftershave is great! Yep everyone loves that too :)

First Blog for 2015 - Our lifestyle and focus.

Well folks, Camel Treks Australia is getting with the times, we are blogging!. It seems that people are interested in our not so normal lifestyle and while it seems very normal to us, I am beggining to understand why. We are currently in Melbourne City, a long way from home, and the trips in and out of its city centre have been most fascinating. We spent some time in Dymocks book store and became one of the hundreds browsing through front covers and reading summaries. It looks like we all love growth and journeys and searching for things that make us feel more whole and satisfied. For us personally we are looking to create a life that offers less emotional stress and more balance and I can s

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Meet Aisholpan Nurgaiv - Eagle Huntress

Eagle Festival Ulaanbaatar, March 2018

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