Arid - Zone water consumption ... for humans!

When we are out on camel treks with guests I keep my eye on many things. It's our responsibility to ensure guests saftey and comfort. I've been thanked by numerous guests last year for encouraging them to drink ... yes drink water. I think in general people don't drink enough water, especially when we are outdoors expending energy and the need for water increases considerably. Last year I meet the worst case of a poor drinker; she surprised me by affirming her liquid intake was a strong coffee in the morning and then another in the evening followed by white wine and, occasionally she added fizzy drinks like diet cola during the day ... but no water because drinking water made her feel sick.

Why should people take part in a camel trek?

I was recently asked to provide an editorial for a Tourism magazine and the editor asked me about 20 questions. One of them was, 'Why should people take part in a Camel trek?' Clearly not just because I love this caper and have to make an income! I know people benefit from spending time with us, it effects something deeper than the average holiday experience. I have also observed people coming to really enjoy and appreciate each individual camels character .. this is nice to see. I had some other thoughts and wrote the following for the editor. Camel treks offer a completely different pace of living, capturing the landscape beauty that would otherwise be missed in a car or even walking. Ther

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