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Learning Opportunities

2021 with Cameleers Paul and Karen Ellis

An old fashioned approach to learning - acceptance requires a commitment to the entirety of attending one of the 'Block' dates listed in the PDF below. We provide learning opportunities in the context of trekking and in exchange you assist hands on gaining real time experience as a trainee cameleer. There is no monetary exchange, however there is an expectation that you will arrive with no impediment to contributing on long days, with plenty of dirt, dust, hard work and a willingness to follow instructions working within a team.

Historically, new or prospective owners of camels in Australia that were eager to learn sought out the expertise of older experienced camel operators. Learning traditionally took place on the job, at the site of working the camels with an experienced operator, whether that be in busy public locations, or outback trekking.


Although the twentieth century has witnessed a major shift in emphasis towards school and post-school based training, recent years have been characterised by a revival of on-the-job training and close links with actual working enterprises.


Today there is an increased recognition of the success that on-the-job training provides. Individuals learning are mentored for an extended duration with Camel Treks Australia's team which offers structure within it's successful business model incorporating camels and tourists. This real life practical hands on training can lead to greater learning outcomes for camel owners, and camel handlers eager to delve deeper.​

Paul and Karen Ellis have been actively assisting camel seekers worldwide since 2013 and welcome interested persons to apply for learning opportunities annually between late March - early October. Annually they trek in the picturesque Flinders Rangers landscape. 


In regards to being mentored, if you’re looking for a holiday there are easier options than being with us. As exciting an opportunity that this is, it is also very demanding. It will be an advantage if you consider yourself emotionally strong, physically able, mentally competent, and have a high level of maturity. If you think, feel, or know that you have a physical, emotional or mental disadvantage, please understand that this will not be a suitable environment for you as we are very remote and do not have easy access to medical care of any kind that supports physical, emotional or mental well-being. 

Learning days on camel treks are long. Prior to and following camel treks can be spent with setting up and packing away from the actual camel trek. We are really wanting to be clear that camel treks and station life are amazing but they do require a mind set that is enthusiastic and self sufficient. Treks can vary from overnight safaris through to nine days. Ideally to apply you should consider yourself to be a healthy, energetic person, that is able and willing to walk with the camels for 4 - 5 hours a day, additionally assisting with meal cooking, dish washing, campfire, and camping with the camels overnight.


If you are seeking to learn more about camels and would like a volunteer learning position please download the Volunteer Information PDF below.

Scheduled blocks - the 2021 trekking season has been extended to November 30th.


If you would like to join us in 2021, have a look at the block dates listed in the Volunteer Information PDF above and let us know which Block suits you best.

Block dates work in sync with the regions only return bus charter service which departs from the Adelaide Central Bus Station in Adelaide City, South Australia arriving to our locations in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. If you are driving we can provide you with a safe place to park your vehicles for the duration of each block period.

Participant Comments

Download and read the PDF then contact us below with your preferred Block date.

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