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Mentorship Opportunities

2021 - 2023 with Cameleers Paul and Karen Ellis

Historically, new or prospective owners of camels in Australia that were eager to learn sought out the expertise of older experienced camel operators. Learning traditionally took place on the job, at the site of working the camels with an experienced operator, whether that be in busy public locations, or outback trekking.


Although the twentieth century has witnessed a major shift in emphasis towards school and post-school based training, recent years have been characterised by a revival of on-the-job training and close links with actual working enterprises.


Today there is an increased recognition of the success that on-the-job training provides. Individuals learning are mentored for an extended duration with Camel Treks Australia's team which offers structure within it's successful business model incorporating camels and tourists. This real life practical hands on training can lead to greater learning outcomes for camel owners, and camel handlers eager to delve deeper.​

Paul and Karen Ellis have been actively assisting camel seekers worldwide since 2013 and welcome interested persons to apply for mentoring opportunities between late March - early October in 2020.

In 2020 we can be found camel trekking at two locations approximately 300 - 500kms north of Adelaide City in South Australia on Yadlamalka Station and Beltana Station which each showcase over 1,500 square kilometres of picturesque Flinders Rangers landscape. This iconic land can be seen in several well-known movies, including Tracks, Thousand Skies, Gallipoli Stealth and Rabbit Proof Fence.


In regards to being mentored, if you’re looking for a holiday there are easier options than being with us. As exciting an opportunity that this is, it is also very demanding. It will be an advantage if you consider yourself emotionally strong, physically able, mentally competent, and have a high level of maturity. If you think / feel / know that you have a physical, emotional or mental disadvantage, please understand that this will not be a suitable environment for you as we are very remote and do not have easy access to medical care of any kind that supports physical, emotional or mental well-being. 

Mentoring days on camel treks are long. Prior to and following camel treks can be spent with setting up and packing away from the actual camel trek. We are really wanting to be clear that camel treks and station life are amazing but they do require a mind set that is enthusiastic and self sufficient. Treks can vary from overnight safaris through to nine days. Ideally you consider yourself to be a healthy, energetic person, that is able and willing to walk with the camels for 4 - 5 hours a day, additionally assisting with meal cooking, dish washing, campfire, and camping with the camels overnight.


If you are seeking a mentored volunteer position in 2020 please know that we take your safety and right to be happy seriously. The below information represents standard agreement principles expected in such engagements.

Information we require before you can start in the mentorship role - 

  • a condensed curriculum vitae concisely conveying your qualifications

  • your curriculum vitae should include your name, contact information, education, skills, and experience

  • current working with children check

  • current police check

  • current proof of ambulance cover if you are an Australia resident or comprehensive travel insurance if you are an overseas visitor. (in the event of something such as appendicitis an evacuation without cover in a remote location could cost in excess of $10,000) 

  • current ID, copy of drivers license or passport 

  • 3 references from contactable persons, preferably employers 

  • a brief explanation about why you are applying and what you would like to achieve from being mentored

  • we ask that you be willing to accept a Face-Time call prior to final acceptance

We have a zero tolerance for persons using recreational drugs of any kind and consider following this advance information and later signing of an agreement contract that if you are found to be using drugs or display drug induced behaviour this will be treated as a breach of conduct and is considered to be behaviour of a criminal nature, and will be reported to the police, along with an immediate termination of our agreement to continue to mentor. Such persons will be removed from the trekking environment at their own expense immediately.

The terms of being mentored are specified below and pertain to what we* (Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd*) expect during your preferred block period. Some terms apply to school camps and the fact that children are in attendance - 

  • we ask you agree not to smoke in-front of or in areas where guests and school camp students are present ​whilst you are being mentored

  • we ask you agree not to use prejudice, oppressive behaviour or bad language such as swearing in-front of any persons, especially school aged students and guests associated with us whilst you are being mentored

  • we ask you agree to understand that the position of being mentored is a volunteer position with tuition fees incurred per specified block periods listed below

  • we ask you agree to understanding that in accepting you for a mentorship block this does not intend or imply employment or a contractual relationship; you will not be acting as an employee, independent contractor or consultant 

  • we ask you agree to understanding that you are not on a student placement, that this mentorship opportunity is not a paid position, government approved apprenticeship or internship and is not eligible for Centre-link benefits such as Austudy or Abstudy

  • we ask you agree to understanding that you will pay Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd the specified block payment amount in full prior to commencement of the mentorship opportunity

  • we ask you agree not to engage in rough physical games with others, especially school aged students attending camps whilst you are being mentored 

  • we ask you agree to respecting others culture, ethnic, religious, dietary, gender and sexual orientation differences whilst you are being mentored 

  • we ask you agree not to threaten or abuse(verbally, physically or in writing)any other person, employee, volunteer or guest associated with Camel Treks Australia 

  • we ask you agree not to discriminate or unfavourably treat someone because of their race, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or other personal characteristics whilst you are being mentored

  • we ask you agree not to enter into any sexual relationship with another person, or anyone associated with Camel Treks Australia whilst you are being mentored; this includes fellow mentees, staff and guests

  • we ask you agree to not sexually harass another person with unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour whilst you are being mentored

  • we ask you agree not to bully, isolate or humiliate another person whilst you are being mentored

  • we ask you agree not to behave improperly or unethically whilst you are being mentored 

  • we ask that you only undertake duties you are authorised to perform and always operate under the direction and supervision of a nominated staff member and obey reasonable directions and instructions

  • we ask that you notify the Directors of Camel Treks Australia of any health and safety issues or potentially hazardous situations that may pose a risk to you or others and report any issues knowing that your concerns will be respected and managed in a confidential manner

  • we ask that you take reasonable care for your own health and safety

  • we ask that you comply with any reasonable instruction given by Camel Treks Australia's staff, or representatives as many instructions will revolve around your safety and maintaining the safety of others  

  • we ask that you let us know of any concerns you may have about safety and/or fitness in undertaking a mentorship role 

  • we ask you to cooperate with any reasonable policies and procedures, many of which as listed here

  • we ask you to agree to behave in a friendly, professional, fair and courteous manner at all times


  • we ask you agree to ask questions if you are ever in doubt about an instruction or task. We appreciate learning new skills requires lots of repetition and are open to questions, no matter how frequent!


If you are seeking a mentored volunteer position in 2020 please know that we take your safety and right to be happy seriously. Once the above information has been thoroughly read and considered please send us your up to date C.V and a minimum of three referral letters from referees who can also be contacted via email.

Mentorship schedule blocks - 


If you would like to join us in 2021 - 2023, have a look at the block dates below and let us know which Block suit you best. We request that all applicants work within our set block dates. 

Block dates work in sync with the regions only return bus charter service which departs from the Adelaide Central Bus Station in Adelaide City, South Australia arriving to our locations in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Bus charters are an optional extra, self drivers will be provided with a safe place to park their vehicles for the duration of each block period.

Please note, the below dates reflect 2020 & will soon be updated to 2021-2022 options.


$1500 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks 

Monday March 23rd - April Tuesday 21st ( 30 days ) Flinders Ranges 

  • Monday March 23rd depart Adelaide City, arriving with our Tour & Charter 

  • March 23rd - 26th prepare for trek; get to know camel handling basics on 26th

  • March 27th - 30th - 3 day / 3 night Camel trek 

  • April 3rd - 6th - camel training or flinders ranges exploration 

  • April 10th - 13th - 3 Day / 3 Night Camel Trek suitable for families 

  • April 13th - April 17th 4 day / 4 night Camel trek 

  • April Tuesday 21st return bus charter to Adelaide with Genesis Tour & Charter departing at approx. 9am


$1500 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks

Monday May 11th - June 9th ( 30 days ) Flinders Ranges  

  • May 11th depart Adelaide City, arriving with our Tour & Charter 

  • May 14th - 19th 5 day / 5 night Camel Trek riding.

  • May 19th - 21st trek pack-up and cleaning

  • May 21st - 25th free time for camping in Wilpena Pound National Park is desired

  • May 25th - 30th - trek preparations for school June 1st - 5th - trek then pack up

  • June 9th - departure with Genesis Tour & Charter to Adelaide, please pre-book ticket


$2000 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks. 

Thursday June 25th - August 4th ( 40 days) Beltana Station - Flinders Ranges - police checks essential 

  • June 25th arrive to Hawker or Beltana Station TBA closer to the date - Genesis Tour & Charter will be advised

  • July 1st - 5th trek pack-up and cleaning 

  • July 6th - 10th trek, then pack-up and cleaning 

  • July 13th - 21st - 9 day trek to Lake Torrens

  • July 21st - Block 4 arrive 

  • July 20th - 30th - 10 day Lake Torrens Expedition / Private Secondary Group

  • July 31st - August 4th - pack-up and set-up for next trek

  • August 4th ~ Block 3 departure with Genesis Tour & Charter to Adelaide, please pre-book ticket

Block 4:

$2000 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks. 

Monday July 20th - August 28th ( 40 days ) Beltana Station - police checks essential. This block encompasses two secondary school groups

  • July 20th - arrive to Beltana Station with Genesis Tour & Charter - overnight at station - staff will meet you

  • July 21st - 30th - 10 day Lake Torrens Expedition / Private Secondary Group

  • August 3rd - 11th - 9 Day Journey to 'Lake Torrens' 

  • August 4th Block 3 depart 

  • August 13th - Block 5 arrive

  • August 17th - 25th secondary school camp - a great team adventure

  • August 25th - 27th pack-up from trek

  • August 28th departure with Genesis Tour & Charter at 7am from Beltana Station

Block 5:

$1850 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks 

Monday August 13th - September 18th ( 37 days ) Beltana Station -  police checks 
This block encompasses a secondary school group which is always rewarding.


  • August 13th - arrival, set - up for next trek

  • August 17th - 25th secondary school camp - a great team adventure

  • August 27th - September 4th - 9 Day Journey to 'Lake Torrens' 

  • Monday 7th - 15th September - 9 Day Journey to 'Lake Torrens' 

  • September 3rd - block 6 arrive

  • September 18th - departure with Genesis Tour & Charter at 7am from Beltana Station

Block 6:

$1500 includes tuition and meals, camping and basic accommodation in-between treks.

September 3rd - October 2nd ( 30 days ) Beltana Station - police checks essential


  • September Thursday 17th - Friday 25th - Private school camel trek camp focused on sufficiency & growth 

  • September 26th - Oct. 2nd final goodbyes with camels and end of year pack-up ... visit to Flinders Ranges National Park on Thursday October 1st.

  • Departure bus on morning of October 2nd from Hawker township​ 

What to bring - 

  • any medications need to be labelled and accompanied with written instructions in the event of an emergency

  • anyone with an anaphylaxis management plan must carry an Epipen at all times

  • we recommend bringing old, comfortable clothes and well worn footwear so as to avoid blisters, now is not the time to break-in new boots.

Clothing -

  • bring long pants, outdoor clothing focused, layered approach recommended 

  • shoes - boots, hiking boots, slip on boots or very strong outdoor trainers, outdoor runners 

  • raincoat

  • extra outdoor socks and underwear, sanitary provisions if required 

  • gloves, beanie or warn hat plus thermals for June, July and August 

  • old jumper, fleece / warm jacket 

  • shirts, t-shirts, shorts for warmer months 

  • we provide 2 long sleeve work shirts per person

Equipment -

  • sunscreen and insect repellant 

  • blister prevention aids / band-aids 

  • outdoor gloves for prickle prevention when tethering camels to trees

  • tweezers for removing splinters

  • small scissors or nail cutters

  • bathroom / toiletries supplies

  • baby wipes / face wipes x 2 packets as showers are not possible whilst trekking 

  • small personal first aid kit 

  • head torch with spare batteries 

  • small backpack for carrying day supplies when out trekking 

  • 2 x 1L water bottles (or camelbak style of backpack with water bladder) so you can carry a minimum of 2 litres during the day when trekking with camels

  • bedding including pillow; we recommend sleeping bags rated to 0 degrees in warmer months, and - 5 degrees in winter months

  • Camel Treks Australia will loan comfortable swags for the duration of block dates; and can hire sleeping bags for a fee of $70  

Participant Comments

Contact us below with your preferred Block

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