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Overnight Safari

Overnight Safaris must be booked in advance by email and are booked by prior arrangement only. Guests arrive at either Yadlamalka or Beltana Station for an 11.30am departure. Overnight Safaris visit various landscapes on the historic station, once the origin of camel-led expeditions in the 1800s. Now it's home to abundant, diverse wildlife. Enjoy a full day and morning exploring on camel back, a night under the stars, and all meals, returning to the Homestead at 11.30am.

Please contact us to arrange your preferred dates. Children are discounted. Bus transportation is not available.




3 Days / 3 Nights

Perfect for a quick getaway and designed to occur over weekends making for an easy city escape. Arriving at Yadlamalka Station by 12.30 midday, meet the camels for an induction into cameleering followed by an evening camp site and camp fire meal. Treks explore varied tracks in a spectacular region of the Flinders Ranges. Treks conclude with a 10am transfer to Port Augusta to meet Genesis Tour & Charter at Archers Cafe for the return journey back to Adelaide. Guests self driving can depart at midday. 

Many 3 day treks are offered during the public school holidays and families are welcome to attend.


Please note - Genesis Tour & Charter is not available to book for 3 days treks. Guests can choose to self drive or book to arrive on the return Premier Stateliner bus service from the Adelaide Central Bus Station to Port Augusta for collection by one of our cameleers, arriving on Friday 1.58pm, departing on Monday at 9.56am.  




4 Days / 4 Nights

You'll love the spectacular and varied landscape of the Central Flinders Ranges.  Arrive at either Yadlamalka or Beltana Station depending on your trek booking, in the afternoon between 2.30 - 3.30pm and enjoy four wheel drive charter that delivers you to your campsite and an evening camp fire meal. Four day treks explore beautiful gorges, creeks and plains, each days landscape is different from the day before. Enjoy sleeping under the stars and returning to the camel yards around 11.30am on your day of departure.

Genesis Tour and Charter offers a return bus service to Adelaide. 




5 Days / 5 Nights

The 5 Day Camel Trek allows for an extended escape with the incredible back drop of the Flinders Ranges mountains to assist in your getaway experience. The scenery is spectacular, which you'll be able to enjoy from riding a top your camel or walking during the day, whatever you choose. Sit back and take in the landscape at sunset, or just relax and watch the outback sky fill with stars while the crew prepare the evening meal over the campfire. Retire comfortably at night within a king size swag or two-person swag, with no light pollution it's one of Australia's top camping spots. 


Genesis Tour and Charter offers return bus service to Adelaide on many five day treks.




Family-Theme Trek

Families can fully relax knowing anyone embarking on a Family Trek is expecting to be around kids. These treks are a favourite for the Ellis family; they enjoy seeing children happily occupied camel riding and exploring new terrains, sighting for shooting stars and camping at night. Kids are encouraged to look out for native animals on the tracks whilst riding or walking, collect firewood, and roast marshmallows around the camp fire.

Family Treks are offered for children aged between 5 and 12 years at adiscounted rate in the South Australian public school holidays.




Photography-Theme Trek

May 2020 Dates 14th - 19th

Award-winning professional photographer Gordon Best offers tuition and guidance, discusses composition, camera settings and modes, making the most of the beautiful natural light of the landscape, and much more, answering any photography questions you may have from beginners through to intermediates and advanced.


Genesis Tour and Charter offers a return bus service to Adelaide.





2020 dates available

Tell them you've gone outback and don't want to miss sleeping under the stars on a remote desert journey!

Extended treks allow time for a new rhythm to develop, one that allows for relaxation from life's stresses and a deeper connection with outdoor living. We welcome guests to become 'hands-on' with the camels and involved with the cameleers in grooming, saddling, leading, hobbling, and shepherding.

Genesis Tour and Charter offers a return bus service to Adelaide.




School Camps

For students years 7-10

Camps are designed in consultation with school teachers and students. We aim to complement each school's philosophy, providing students and teachers with enjoyable safe outdoor education. Camps are based on guided self discovery learning with tasks that develop communication, decision-making, problem-solving, resilience, team building, and leadership. Price is based per student with supporting teachers attending without charge.

Price per day:



Thar Desert,


January & November 2021

2021 Dates TBD  

The enchanting Rajasthan is enriched with vibrant history and a culture with an unparalleled call to celebration. This journey is a magnificent way to explore the rustic beauty of the Great Indian Desert and participate in the festivities at the Bikaner Camel Fair for a dynamic and visually stunning experience.


Clare and Alex from Back Track Adventures manages all CTA International Bookings, please click on more information and head to our dedicated India page.


Gobi Desert, Mongolia

3rd - 15th March 2021

2022 Dates TBD

Explore the unique Mongolian nomadic culture and celebrate two of the country's most prominent festivals: the Thousand Camel Fesital and the Golden Eagle Festival. ​Ride a beautiful Bactrian camel through the Gobi Desert, travelling in traditional ger's with families who live an extraordinary life of simplicity bound by nature. A once in a lifetime journey awaits.

Clare and Alex from Back Track Adventures manages all CTA International Bookings, please click on more information and head to our dedicated Mongolia page.


Sahara Desert, Morocco

2021 Dates TBD

Experience everything from the markets of Marrakesh to the sand dunes of the Sahara for a desert adventure. From the colours to the expanse to the mysterious rolling Ergs, the Sahara and its people have been a source of curiosity and inspiration. We will travel on camel back to desert dwellings with Berbers and explore historical medinas and bustling souks and so much more.

Clare and Alex from Back Track Adventures manages all CTA International Bookings, please click on more information and head to our dedicated Morocco page.


Selçuk Festivali


January / Feb. 2021 Dates TBD

The unique tradition of gathering the rare hybrid Tülu camels for competitive events has been celebrated for over 2,400 years. We will be able to immerse ourselves in the two-day event with music, food, and the exciting spectacle of camels and their handlers in action.


Other trip highlights include camel riding in Cappadocia, the ANZAC commemoration site at Gallipoli, visiting ancient ruins and locales explored in the works of Homer and Virgil, and Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.

Celebrate camels and culture in this sweeping tour across Turkey!


Corporate Treks

Retreats for professional groups

Corporate treks enjoy special evening guests including an Aboriginal Elder and an Afghan descendant who share stories of this regions rich history. A section of the trek allows participants to walk or ride the camels on the original Old Ghan Railway,a highlight for many.


Challenges will include navigation, map reading,and a crash course in cameleering. 


Our photographer will journal your groups images on trek. A collation of images presented in a beautiful hard cover book is an optional extra. Pricing is based per individual.


Training Camps

Dates TBD

Experienced Cameleers demonstrate how to start with untrained camels. Fully trained camels will be available to learn from and ride. This experience is for people who ideally own camels and want to learn how to saddle and ride them as you would with a horse (free-reigning.) Participants are welcome to bring two camels per booking. A number of limited separate yards will be available on a first come first served basis.




Custom Experiences

Create your own experience!

Looking for a private trek or unique experience? Let us us know your needs and goals and we can customise a tour or trek for you!


$ P.O.A