Mongolia Journey
March 3rd - 15th 2024

The Mongolia, Gobi Desert journey is a celebration of the Bactrian Camel and the important role it plays in the lives of the Gobi's nomads. Mongolia, since prehistoric times, has been inhabited by nomads, this fully catered journey travels with an extended nomadic family through the enormously panoramic southern Gobi Desert, gaining insights into Mongolia and it's nomadic culture.

We welcome you on our fourth journey in the Gobi Desert


"If you endeavour, the fate will favour you."

Mongolian Proverb

Camel Treks Australia's guests enjoy an experience combining festivals,culture with Mongolian nomads and the impressive Gobi Desert landscape and livestock, which includes Bactrian Camels. Guests are transported in a luxury four wheel drives and coach's with experienced private drivers that double as experienced mechanics.

A personal Chef and local crew of over 20 staff travel with us into the Gobi Desert, the personal service and three course meals are superb and second to none!


At our disposal is the excellent and knowledgeable companionship of our local guide who is passionate about Mongolian history and an equally accomplished horse and camel man. Ganzorig is constantly by our side to translate and explain our day-to-day cultural experiences. All accommodation, meals and experiences are exceptional, including the Golden Eagle and Thousand Camel Festivals. Being able to learn and share from Bataar ( owner of riding Camels ) and his family's nomadic lifestyle in the Gobi Desert is something none of our guests will ever forget. The Bactrian Camels are in immaculate health, princely in stature, and pleasantly comfortable to ride...and ride we did for many hours each day! The fence-less landscape of the Gobi Desert is breathtaking and vast, surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges with a sense of timeless stillness, reflecting that life had been continuing on here for centuries in the same manner.

Not only will 2022 - 2023 guests enjoy a skilled chef for the length of the journey, they will also enjoy shared Ger / Yurt style accommodation and comfortable camp toilets during the camel riding component in the Gobi Desert.


Gobi means “desert” in Mongolian, yet its topography is much more diverse than the word implies. From deep canyons to sand dunes to endless steppe, the Gobi includes sites of some of the world's most important paleontological discoveries of the past century.

The Gobi is inhabited by nomadic herders who consider their native landscape sacred, they call their country and themselves "Blue Mongolia".


The people of the Gobi Desert maintain a traditional culture from ancient history. Due to their remote position, extreme variables of climate, and rocky geography they must remain close to their animal herds. They must also remain nomadic, searching for precious water when a location's supply runs dry. With frequent moving, they live in felt-covered Gers, also referred to as Yurts. These circular dwellings are uniquely adapted to the conditions of the Gobi Desert, providing shelter from the sun during the day and warmth at night when winter temperatures demand warmth.


A Ger's design has changed very little in over 2,000 years of use and guests travelling to the Gobi with us will enjoy staying with nomads in their Gers with the constant companionship of a guide who will translate for our group.


Mongolian residents of the Gobi Desert are traditionally nomadic people, though they love visitors. There's even an old Mongolian proverb concerning hospitality: “Happy is the one who has guests, merry is the home boasting a tethering rail full of visitor's horses.” The Gobi Desert commands the place in which they live, and regardless of their challenges these warm strong people provide as much hospitality as they can. 


The Gobi Desert covers 1.3 million square kilometers, 2.5 kilometers of Gobi is usually home to fewer than 3 people. The Gobi is elevated with hot summers and cold winters and provides a home for many different animals including the black-tailed gazelles, Bactrian camels, wolves, marbled polecats, Mongolian wild ass, brown bears, snow leopards, and sand-plovers.


Individuals travelling with us on this tour will be given the opportunity to purchase traditional clothing and boots. The temperatures in March can be below freezing and travellers will need to bring heavy jackets, gloves and hats to keep warm, dressing in layers is recommended. 

Day 1, March 3rd | Arrival

​The contrast between ancient traditions and a 21st century democracy is most visible in Ulaanbaatar, where traditional gers and Buddhist monasteries sit side by side with modern high-rises. Upon arrival at the airport, our travelers are welcomed by their Nomadic Expeditions guide and transferred to a centrally located hotel within walking distance of various museums and shops. 

Accommodation: Best Western Hotel | Deluxe Square-view room

Note: Please make certain to provide us with your flight information so that we can ensure someone is at the airport to greet you.

Day 2, March 4th | Ulaanbaatar

Begin your day with a drive through downtown Ulaanbaatar to the National Museum for an excellent overview of Mongolia’s history and culture.  The newly remodeled museum displays traditional implements of daily nomadic life including Stone and Bronze Age artifacts, historical costumes of Mongolia’s minority tribes, sacred religious relics, and agricultural, fishing, and hunting equipment.


Next, site where the Eagle Festival is being held. The official opening ceremony commences with the participants parading in on horseback with their eagles. The competition begins with each Kazakh hunter displaying his/ her hunting outfit and accessories, the most elaborate and beautiful of which receive the highest points. In the afternoon, the Golden Eagles will be evaluated for their speed and agility. The eagles will be released from a cliff while their owners stand below, signaling for them to land upon their arms, as they do while hunting. Those with the fastest times and best technique will be awarded the highest scores. In the evening attend a Kazakh play in honor of the hunters and their eagles.


Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Best Western Hotel | Deluxe Square-view room

Day 3, March 5th | Eagle Festival | Drive to Gobi

​In the morning we travel a short drive outside of Ulaanbaatar and attend the annual Winter Eagle Festival which will be held by local Kazakhs travelling from Western Mongolia. About one dozen hunters attend the festival with their impressive Golden Eagles. The competition begins with each Kazakh displaying his hunting outfit and accessories- the most elaborate and beautiful of which receive the highest points.It is a spectacular morning for the senses surrounded by new sights, sounds and celebrations. Following lunch we drive to Dalanzadgad (7 - 8 hours), the capital of Mongolia’s southernmost province of semi-arid desert. On arrival we check in to a local hotel and are staying overnight.


Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Local Hotel


Day 4, March 6th  Gobi | Thousand Camel Festival | 

​In the morning we travel to Bulgan sum to attend the opening ceremony of the 'Thousand Camel Festival' and 'Parade of Camel Riders'. Guests may participate in the parade if they wish to, joining the procession on camelback (to participate in the camel parade, reservation should be made in advance). The day’s competitions include “best looking couple on camelback”, “most adorable male and female camels”, as well as a camel polo match that takes place in the central square.

Note: Please advise us if you wish to participate in the opening ceremony riding a Camel so that we can plan to book in advance.


Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Local Hotel

Day 5, March 7th | Thousand Camel Festival 

​The Thousand Camel festival, held in the Gobi desert, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian camel and the role it plays in the lives of the Gobi's nomads. Camel races and polo competitions, as well as performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance, are among the highlights of this annual event.


Today the celebrations of the Festival continue and we will watch the camel race and competitions among local nomadic bactrian camel herders. There will also be an exhibition of paintings by local children who have participated in a drawing contest called “Camel - My Friend.” In the late afternoon we enjoy a performance by “Altai Snowcock,” a local youth organisation involved in the preservation and conservation of the surrounding area, our entrance fees are helping to fund the club’s activities.  

Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Local Hotel

Day 6, March 8th | Camel Trek | Tugrugiin Shiree 

Today, we transfer to a camel herding family at Flaming Cliffs, where you start your camel trek towards Tugrugiin Shiree. Tugrugiin Shiree is a white escarpment where the famous “fighting dinosaurs” (a fossil of a Protoceratops and a Velociraptor locked in combat) were discovered in the 1970s. After 5-6 hours of camelback, we arrive in another camel herding family at Tugrugiin Shiree for overnight and dinner in comfortable wood heated gers.

Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Trekking with nomads, staying in Gers; all meals chef prepared


Day 7, March 9th | Camel Trek | Arts Bogd Mountain

​Today, we trek towards Arts Bogd Mountain, via some flat sandy valleys- this valley is known for finding ancient stone tools. After 5-6 hours, we arrive to see a family that lives in Arts Bogd Mountain. Overnight in comfortable wood heated gers.

Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Trekking with nomads, staying in Gers; all meals chef prepared

Day 8, March 10th | Camel Trek | Tevsh Khairkhan Mountain

​Today, we trek back to Flaming Cliffs and after 5-6 hours on the rocky desert trail, we arrive staying with locals who lives in Tevsh Khairkhan Mountain. Overnight in comfortable wood heated gers.

Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Accommodation: Trekking with nomads, staying in Gers; all meals chef prepared


Day 9, March 11th | Camel Trek | Flaming Cliffs

​In the morning, mount your camels and embark on another exciting day of camel ride. After 5-6 hours, we will arrive at our camp right by the Flaming Cliffs. Overnight in comfortable wood heated gers.

Meals Included: Breakfast - Lunch -  Dinner

Accommodation: Trekking with nomads, staying in Gers; all meals chef prepared

Day 10, March 12th | Camel Trek | Moltsog Els | 

Today is the last day of camel trekking. After 4-5 hours of trekking, bid farewell to your desert ship and wranglers, then move to a family at Bulgan sum (1 hour drive). Overnight in comfortable wood heated gers.


Meals Included: Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner

Accommodation: Trekking with nomads, staying in Gers; all meals chef prepared

Day 11, March 13th | Ulaanbaatar |


​Following a traditional breakfast with the family, we start driving towards Ulaanbaatar (6-7 hours) to get an excellent overview of Mongolia’s history and culture. We will enjoy dinner and share experiences at a fine local restaurant in the evening and overnight at the Best Western Hotel in deluxe rooms


Meals Included: Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner

Accommodation: Best Western Hotel | Deluxe Square-view room

Day 12, March 14th | Ulaanbaatar | Hustain Nuruu National Park

​After breakfast, drive to Hustain Nuruu National Park (2 hours). Hustain Nuruu is home to the world’s last remaining species of the wild horse. The takhi, commonly known as Przewalski’s horse, was reintroduced into the Mongolian wilderness from zoo populations in 1994, 25 years after becoming extinct in the wild. Around 280 now roam the Hustain Nuruu National Park. Learn about current conservation efforts and the status of the herds found within the reserve at the visitors center before trying to spot these beautiful horses in their natural habitat. Return to Ulaanbaatar in the evening for a farewell dinner and overnight at the Best Western Hotel in deluxe rooms.


Meals Included: Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner

Accommodation: Best Western Hotel | Deluxe Square-view room


Day 13, March 15th Departure

​After breakfast some guests are continuing travels elsewhere, however transfers to the airport in the morning for your departure are an option. 

Meals Included: Breakfast

Gobi Desert Nomads Bactria Camels

Land Price includes:

Land Price Includes:
• Ground transportation in Mongolia as described in the itinerary
• Transfers upon arrival and departure on the specified arrival and departure dates
• All accommodations based on double or twin occupancy (hotel rooms and gers)
• Meals as noted in the above itinerary, snacks in vehicles and unlimited water
• All excursions, entrance fees, and visits as described in itinerary
 Experienced bilingual guide and ample support staff throughout your stay

Gobi Desert: 

  • Sleeping bags, camping bed, extra blankets, and pillows will be provided.


Land Price does not include:

• Passport and visa fees and international airfare

• Comprehensive medical and trip insurance
• Airport taxes
• Excess baggage charges
• Photography and video fees
• Tips to guides, drivers and support staff (Please estimate $20 per participant per day x 13 days = $260 per guest);
• Any optional extra food and alcohol not included in the group meals
• Items of a personal nature, including alcoholic beverages, laundry and telephone calls;
• Other items not specifically mentioned as included.

The main guides for Mongolia 2022-23


Mongolia Journey 2024
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