Camel Crew

With a hump that could match the size of any decent mountain, don't be fooled by little Dinny. She's our resident 'Boss Lady'! 

Lead Riding Camel


Millie can be found in Dinny's string, third position. Millie considers herself to be quite the Queen and is known for being interested in everything!

Riding Camel


Rasheeda has just graduated to being a fully licensed riding camel, She's only a little girl, and carries light weight guests. Very sweet natured and gentle.

Riding Camel


Teddy Bear wouldn't intentionally hurt a fly. He is gentle and likes to be in second position behind his favourite leader camel named Bindu.

Riding Camel

Teddy Bear

Mocha is about to graduate as a riding camel after one season of carrying light pack bags and experienced riders. She has a settled temperament and is happy to lead strings or follow in line.

Pack Camel


Mumpy is one of our oldest and most experienced camels. She is a sure footed dame who leads her own string. Beginners are often placed behind her lead to build up their confidence. 

Lead Riding Camel


The entire crew just want to squeeze and cuddle this adorable bundle of excessive energy! We can't wait for Torpedo to get a little bit bigger so he can join Sundara in Mumpy's string.

New Kid in the Yards!


Little Sundara is learning the ropes without any stressful pressure applied. She's proving to be a quick learner and copies the older camels very well. 

New Kid in the String!


Mission has worked a couple of seasons now carrying heavy loads of supplies. He has a solid chest and is an excellent lifter. He is a sensitive new age camel and loves a good gum rub.

Lead Pack Camel


Bella is a quiet, easy going camel who loves to daydream. She can often be found looking into the distance with a peaceful glow. Bella is the third riding camel in Ava's string. 

Riding Camel

Beautiful Bella

Raji is always a guest favourite and loves to receive affection with cuddles. He takes riders at the rear of Ava's string and makes a great anchor camel.

Riding Camel / Smoocher


Tanami is easily crowned our largest camel. He has a relaxed nature and has no trouble sleeping on the job. He can cope with an abundance of affection and sits still for a good brushing.

Riding Camel / Giant


Anyone who knows Zaki won't be surprised to see his head inside a vehicle! He thrives on meeting new faces and loves company. He can always be found in second position behind lead camel Ava.

Riding Camel


Ava is a one man camel,  and adores Paul who has been leading her for over a decade. Ava is a seasoned, trustworthy chariot and a leader for the younger camels in training.

Lead Riding Camel


Bindu is adored by Karen and the crew. She is a highly intelligent camel with a very independent personality.  Bindu is an experienced riding camel and leads the beginner string helping to teach all new camels how it's done!

Lead Riding Camel


Molly is a lovely older camel with a huge heart. Sneak her some dates or an apple and she quickly becomes your girl! Molly can be found at the end of Bindu's string giving confidence to the beginner camels that we train in-between these two older, wiser camels.

Riding and Pack Camel


Marla and Rasheeda are best friends and newly graduated together to full time riding camels. Both are sweet natured with Marla being the oldest of the two. She is currently carrying light weight riders as she builds strength. 

Riding Camel


Gordon is the 'Lord of all Camels', well at least he thinks so. Gordon has been a working riding camel for many years and riders can feel confident atop this regal character. 

Riding Camel


Canning is a big fella and can lift heavy loads. You'll likely meet him wearing a traditional Afghan pack saddle carrying important supplies with his best friend Mission.

Pack Camel


Bios and image coming soon!

Camels in Training

Zinnia & Ruby

Bios and image coming soon!

Camels in Training

Aloka 11 & Rani

Booking Office

The Camel Sanctuary trading as

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