Photography Trek



Professional Freelance Photographer & Cinematographer

May 14th - 19th 2020

Normally $2880

Corona special $2,280

This unique trek offers tuition and guidance for camera and photography enthusiasts who want to discuss composition, camera settings and modes, and learn how to make the most of the beautiful natural light of the landscape, and much more. Gordon Best will answer any photography questions you may have from beginners through to intermediates and advanced, and help you capture your camel trekking experience.

This trek offers all the perks of a regular camel trek, from the campfire cooking, swag experience, and daily camel riding through an expansive desert landscape. 

Camel Treks Australia has been very fortunate to secure working with Gordon Best for the second year. Gordon studied film, photography, cinematography and narration at the James Madison University, United States. He has experience in all fields of photography as well as narrative film, music videos, commercials, documentaries, corporate communication, etc. 

"As the 2019 Photographer & Photography Trek Leader, I was responsible for teaching everything photography related on the multiple photo-specific treks that year. This company offers the amazing opportunity to lead guests through untouched Outback environments in order to see and photograph the most unique Australian animals and landscapes. I am in charge of both making the curriculum and leading these incredible trips. With tailor-made experiences for each group and one-on-one teaching, the guests are able to learn more about their cameras and understand advanced photography and editing techniques. That information enables the guests to capture their own spectacular photos and hopefully, as some guests have told me, spark an appetite for photography after the trip ends. 

"As a freelance photographer, I specialise in portraits, events, wildlife, and session photography. Over the past 5 years of working consistently, I have done anything and everything related to capturing a moment with a camera: weddings, engagements, social gatherings, sports and documentary photography, BTS / Behind The Scenes photography, product photography, covering red carpets, etc. I also have a fine art print side to the business. I've been printing and selling my fine art photographs of animals and landscapes locally and online for a year or two and has been very successful."

"I do hope you can join me on this years Photography Camel Trek." - Gordon Best

Gordon Best -Camel Trek Photographer