Camel Treks Australia in the News

Qantas Magazine: "You Want to Get Adventurous"

December 01, 2018

"When Karen Ellis and her crew of cameleers from Camel Treks Australia ( started leading groups through the desert, they found that guests who wanted to focus on photographing their camel companions felt hamstrung by the impact it had on others on the trip. So Ellis and her husband and co-owner, Paul, decided to run an annual four-day trek, led by a professional photographer, to give advanced and novice snappers a chance to hone their skills without worry."

Flinders Ranges and Outback

January 23, 2019

"CAMEL TREKS AUSTRALIA Camel riding day tours, overnight safaris and extended treks from 3-15 days in Australia, Mongolia, Morocco and India."

Pages 37, 58

12 Essential Adventures in Australia and New Zealand

November 13, 2018

"...For another truly Australian experience, keep an eye out for emus and yellow-footed rock wallabies from atop a camel during one of Camel Treks Australia’s multi-day expeditions out of Beltana Station..."

The Transcontinental

October 16, 2018

"Other finalists include Hawker-based businesses Flinders Bush Retreats and Camel Treks Australia. [...] “The Flinders Ranges and Outback is one of the magnificent tourism regions we have on offer in South Australia and we are extremely excited to see some of their outstanding tourism products be showcased at Tourism’s Night of Nights,” Mr de Bruyn said. 

The Gala Dinner is scheduled to be held on Friday, November 9 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

2018 SA Tourism Awards Finalist!

October 09, 2018

"Congratulations, Camel Treks Australia has made it as a finalist in the 2018 South Australian Tourism Awards!


This is a fantastic achievement and you should be extremely proud of the hard work you have put forward to make it this far."

The View: Spring 2018, Issue 4

August 31, 2018

​Have you seen looked at your copy of SATIC's The View? Camel Treks Australia is mentioned!

"World Camel Day 22nd June: We're giving away an amazing Outback experience to celebrate!"

June 01, 2018

Camel Treks Australia is the grand prize!

"Travel the great outdoors on an epic adventure with Great Northern Brewing Company and Thirsty Camel. This is a once in a lifetime trip for you and a friend, three days trekking and camping in the magnificent Flinders Ranges with incredible scenery and the friendliest Camels."

"Why camel trekking across South Australia’s Flinders Ranges is good for the soul"

May 18, 2018

"Over the next few days I settle into an easy routine, watching the sunrise bring the landscape to life from my swag before joining the others for a camp breakfast. Instead of checking a weather app and looking through my emails, I scan the duck egg blue sky for clouds and ask how everyone slept. We alternate between riding the camels and walking alongside them for two hour stretches, drifting in and out of conversations and listening to snatches of birdsong as wedge-tailed eagles wheel overhead. Beyond the creek bed, the landscape turns into barren looking gibber plains and far off in the distance, the hulking mass of Mount Deception slowly turns from blue to purple and finally a warm orange as it catches the afternoon sun."

The View: Autumn 2018, Issue 3

April 13, 2018

Have you seen looked at your copy of SATIC's The View? Camel Treks Australia is mentioned under the list of Medallists at the 2017 S.A. Tourism Awards!

QantasLink “Spirit” : The Great Escapes

April 02, 2018

"Ditch any thoughts about camel-riding being difficult: the animals’ gentle plod is often described as meditative (Karen says it’s like “being in a moving armchair”).  Nights are spent around the camp fire, a glass of wine in hand, with a hearty meal bubbling away in the camp oven." 


February 21, 2018

Congratulations to Camel Treks Australia for being awarded Ecotourism Certification and Climate Action Business Certification for their tours: “Camel Treks” and “Camel trekking School Camp”.

Silver Medalists!

November 10, 2017

Camel Treks Australia is proud to share that they have been awarded the Silver Medal in Adventure Tourism at the 2017 South Australia Tourism Awards.

Congratulations to the crew and camels!

Le Joyau Cache de L'Australie / Australia's Hidden Gem

October 25, 2017

"Lors de ces journées, nous avions la chance de dormir à la belle étoile sous le ciel australien. Nous faisions même la cuisine sur le feu de camp. C’était magique de voir tout ce qu’on pouvait faire dans cette simplicité. Les clients n’avaient pas à se plaindre pour la qualité et la quantité de nourriture. Nous pourrions même dire que les expéditions étaient en quelque sorte un tout inclus sans le confort d’un hôtel."

Lands looks to fly camels overseas

May 04, 2017

"Loading the camels onto planes requires the animals to be halter-broken, and the company employs Karen Ellis, owner of outback tourism firm Camel Treks, to train the animals."

Outback camel company ramps up live export via air, prepares to fly more than 100 animals to the Middle East

May 01, 2017

"The camels were driven by truck to Victoria and then flown out shortly after training and quarantine. Camel Treks Australia trainer Karen Ellis said when they then go to be loaded on the trucks and the plane, they are grouped in with their friends. [...]

"The planes are huge, they're big cargo airline planes, they can fit a lot of camels into the main deck. They don't travel in the nose of the wing or the belly because they're too big."

Aboriginal lands company plans for Gulf camel exports

February 17, 2017

"Ngaanyatjarra council’s Alex Knight and Preston Thomas, Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company managing director Troy Coe, camel researcher Rafat Al-Jassim and camel tourism operator Karen Ellis travelled to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar on a federally funded trip last week to talk to camel industry representatives."

Camel exports: Karen Ellis, of Hawker, eyes developing market

January 02, 2017

"'He told me he had a plane leaving in 26 days and I said ‘How the hell are you going to get them on a plane?’,” Karen said. “He said ‘I was kind of hoping you could (help with that)."

Bid for multi-million dollar windfall on the camel's back

January 02, 2017

"...Not that it fazes the 42-year-old from Hawker, in South Australia's rugged Flinders Ranges, who is earning a solid reputation training “feral” camels from the wilds ... A skill that has been put to good use through her Camel Treks Australia business, which takes groups on camel expeditions through Australia's ..."

Broken Hill

September 10, 2016

"When people ask, I say I'm a descendant of the Australian cameleers."


Camel Treks Australia was honoured to share their camels and offer support to the award winning documentary short, "The Khalik Family Kite" by artist Peter Drew. 

Channel 7 News with Ron Kandelaars

July 13, 2016

Aired July 2016. Camel Treks Australia crew, Paul, Karen, and Sara Ellis are interviewed by Ron Kandelaars following their export of 55 trained camels to the United Arab Emirates.

Outback expedition forges strong bonds

November 01, 2015

"Walford's principal Rebecca Clarke says: 'Being able to bounce back from adversity is an essential life skill. Our outdoor adventure program for all our Year 10 students tackles it in a unique way. It is a very real way of facing fears, accepting challenges and developing resilience.'"

Camel Treks in South Australia

March 23, 2015

"With its diverse and inspiring landscape, pleasant climate and extraordinary wildlife, there are hundreds of incredible adventures to be had in Australia. This month we take a look at a very unique way to take in the beauty of South Australia via camel. Yes you heard us correctly. Get totally in touch with nature as you discover the outback from a different perspective, as they proudly tread the land at a relaxing pace."

Hairy, Charasmatic, and Supporters

July 18, 2016

"Camel Treks Australia runs safaris on board dromedaries lasting from one to five days in the Flinders Ranges National Park, in the south of the country, whose landscape is 540 million years old. It also organises tours dedicated to photography and painting." (Translated from original Spanish)

South Australia's 'bucket list' experiences

January 28, 2016

"The list has been compiled by national travel website Experience Oz and seeks to highlight some of the state’s most iconic attractions and best experiences for domestic and international visitors."

#41 Camel Treks Australia

Flinders Ranges takes out top SA experiences

January 28, 2016

“With several years worth of data and feedback on hand – and in response to persistent questions about how to find new things to do in Australia – we put together the Bucket List so that even locals of South Australia will find a special part of the state they've never visited before.”

"41. Camel Treks Australia"

"Traffic in this town is unbelieveable"

June 26, 2015

Camel Treks Australia had a great time being part of this Volkswagen Australia advertisement!

Camel Treks Australia supports Marie Claire Australia

March 01, 2015

Camel Treks Australia crew lent their camel expertise--and dog!--to the spectacular Tracks-themed photo shoot, with model Emily Baker, and photographer David Gubert for Marie Claire Australia in their March 2015 issue.

Totally Wild: Season 22, Episode 54

August 23, 2014

"Get set for an outback adventure, trekking along with Seamus on camels... talk about Totally Wild!"

Minister of Tourism, Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith, joins the Ellis family for a camel ride

November 07, 2009

The (now former) Minister of Tourism, Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith, visits Blue Sky Camel Charters (the early incarnation of Camel Treks Australia) for a ride with Paul and Karen Ellis.

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