Eternity Films with Pete Dobre and Media Videos

Photographic trek

Photography treks filmed April 2014 on Wonoka Station.

Totally Wild T.V

Behind the Scenes with Channel 11 and Totally Wild.

A camel trek experience

Accommodated trek option with photography.

Guest testimonials

Trekkers share their experience from trekking.

About us in 2014

We love what we do, let us tell you why.

Photographic film

Pete Dobre shares an in depth view of our trekking home.

Channel 7

Camel Treks Australia on the T.V April 2014.

Channel 11 - Totally Wild

Camel Treks Australia on the T.V August 2014.

Totally Wild

Best Pet Ever segment on T.V Channel 11 September 2014

BBC UK Channels 4 & 6 T.V


Jimmys Australian Food Adventure | Season 1 Episode 2 | Full Episode . Camel Treks Australia is 18 minutes 30 seconds into episode.


Ron joined Camel Treks Australia to meet the camels and discuss what we do!

Jack's Go Pro footage of his five day camping experience with school mates and Camel Treks Australia. Footage of camel riding, climbing and Aboriginal cultural learning.

Varied learning experiences are introduced on a Camel Treks Australia's school treks. We also include GPS / Map locating, First Aid, Flora and Fauna identification.

Secondary School kids enjoy the learning opportunities in Outback South Australia with Camel Treks Australia.

Gabi is a young woman working for Camel Treks Australia and this these are her reflections of her time with them. Gabi represents CTA in Germany.

Camel Treks Australia had a great time being part of this Volkswagen advertisement in

June 2015.

German speaking interview

A German guest shares her experience of camel trekking.

BBM LIVE Magazine review.

A Family Holiday

Footage taken by a special friend in 2006 on a holiday.

BBM LIVE Magazine Review. United Kingdom Publication ... page 71.

Professional landscape photographer Pete Dobre guides students on photography and film themed camel treks.

Cantonese & Mandarin language

    廣東話  a和 普通话

Keerti talks about his experience with Camel Treks Australia.

*Aboriginal traditional culture including removing the skin from a Kangaroo prior to cooking. Supervision is recommended for young children aged 14 years and under. 

Camel Treks Australia offers camel treks for Australian secondary school groups with a leaning focus on Aborignal, European and Afghan History.

Camel Treks Australia has the pleasure of working with great staff, here's what they have to say.

Karen joined one of Pete Dobre's Camel Treks Australia Photography Tours ... here's what she experienced.

Pete Dobré facilitates Photography Tours with Camel Treks Australia. This is an example of what you might experience.

Testimonial from Warren and Jenny who particpated in Camel Treks Australia's Photography Trek with Pete Dobre.

Photographer David Joy joined us with his flying machine in August 2015. He captured a small section of Mayo's Gorge in the Flinders Ranges S.A

More videos coming soon!