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First Blog for 2015 - Our lifestyle and focus.

Well folks, Camel Treks Australia is getting with the times, we are blogging!. It seems that people are interested in our not so normal lifestyle and while it seems very normal to us, I am beggining to understand why. We are currently in Melbourne City, a long way from home, and the trips in and out of its city centre have been most fascinating. We spent some time in Dymocks book store and became one of the hundreds browsing through front covers and reading summaries. It looks like we all love growth and journeys and searching for things that make us feel more whole and satisfied. For us personally we are looking to create a life that offers less emotional stress and more balance and I can see why my city counter parts love coming out to spend time with us. The city has a fragmenting effect on us and although enjoyable for a day, a full year would be something quite different. What I'm saying folks is that time spent in the bush does balance the body, ground the mind and recharge the adrenal batteries. Our focus is becoming more and more about providing R & R for our guests. The experience is time spent in nature, eating healthy food and living the with the basics. Cooking over the fire, sleeping under the stars and no technology! We look forward to sharing our lifestyle this year and welcome any feedback. Warmest wishes for a great 2015 for you.

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