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Why should people take part in a camel trek?

I was recently asked to provide an editorial for a Tourism magazine and the editor asked me about 20 questions. One of them was, 'Why should people take part in a Camel trek?' Clearly not just because I love this caper and have to make an income! I know people benefit from spending time with us, it effects something deeper than the average holiday experience. I have also observed people coming to really enjoy and appreciate each individual camels character .. this is nice to see. I had some other thoughts and wrote the following for the editor.

Camel treks offer a completely different pace of living, capturing the landscape beauty that would otherwise be missed in a car or even walking. There is something genuinally mesmerising about taking in the scenery whilst camel riding, our guests often refer to the experience as being meditative, with an enhanced view.

You will have time to contemplate life, and perhaps niggling issues you thought were important, might become like pebbles in the creek beds, the vastness of the landscape seems to put things in order.

Maybe you will fully relax and appreciate the simple pleasures and the primal sense of satifaction achieved by exploring the terrain and resting beside the camp fire glow of an evening.

Living as we do on camel treks we clarify what is really necessary in our lives ... the basics like water, food, shelter and happy companionship, all fundamental human needs.

In todays times this 'digital detox' and grounding time in nature has to be good for the body / mind / spirit systems. Whatever it is, if you need time out, or just simply love exploring the great outdoors, we look forward to meeting you.

That's all for now folks! - Karen


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