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Camel Treks Australia 

Ethical, Animal-Centric, Eco-Tourism

2023 Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner
'Adventure Tour Company of the Year for S.A'

Ride or Walk with a Rescue on Journeys that
renew, recharge and inspire!

International Camel Journeys
January - April 2024

Camel Safaris in Australia 

May - September 2024


Tourism Award Camel Treks Australia Tours Safaris Expeditions Outback Bushwalking
Camel Treks Australia 2023 TiCSA Awards Logo Finalists
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Mark Muller | Peter Jensen | Sarah Dee Photography |Rowena Whiteside | Sophie Matterson | Karen-Jane Ellis | Jessica Clark | Gordon Best | Adelaide Film Works | Media Works | Carmel Meyer

Welcome to Australia's last trekking company that allows guests to ride the camels, continuing the time-honoured tradition of camel riding that goes back centuries.

Join us to feel like Lawrence of Arabia on expedition, or The Queen of Sheba who made her grand and showy entrance into Jerusalem riding her camel, followed by a great caravan of camels, carrying a huge amount of exotic spices, gold, and precious gems for King Solomon.

Today, camels still are a sign of wealth in Arab countries and historically were integral in maintaining and developing trade routes. Camels carried people and goods vast distances. 

The camel is highly regarded in many countries as an integral part of life and culture. It is referred to as a 'Gift of God' and symbolises travel, journeys, wellness, wisdom, endurance, survival, service, self-sufficiency, conservation, and stamina. 

The modern-day cameleers of Camel Treks Australia adore their camels and invite you to continue exploring our website. Perhaps you will be inspired to embark on a journey with us and explore further.

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Off The Birdsville Track | Clayton Station | Lake Eyre North | Tirari Desert 

Clayton Station has served as the base camp for Camel Treks Australia's trekking operations from 2017 to 2019, and now for the June to October 2023 season. Located on the southern end of the renowned Birdsville Track in Outback South Australia, it is a well-known pastoral property owned by Shane and Debbie Oldfield. The Oldfield family is highly respected and synonymous with the Birdsville Track, which is situated in one of the driest pastoral regions in Australia. The track is bordered by Sturt's Stony Desert, the Simpson Desert, the Tirari Desert, and the Strzelecki Desert.

Guest trekkers begin their journey at an oasis-like camping ground along the famous Birdsville Track, which offers excellent amenities such as showers, flushing toilets, and a hot artesian spa featuring waters from the Great Artesian Basin.

During the trek on Clayton Station, guests have numerous opportunities to enjoy the Basin waters and observe the diverse birdlife that is attracted to the surrounding wetlands.

The Great Artesian Basin is recognized as one of the world's largest underground freshwater resources and the largest groundwater basin in Australia. It spans nearly 1.7 million square kilometers, which accounts for over one-fifth of the Australian continent. The basin lies beneath parts of the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales, encompassing the Eromanga, Surat, and Carpentaria geological basins. With approximately 65 million gigaliters of groundwater, the basin holds enough water to fill the Sydney Harbour 130,000 times. (Information sourced : Department for Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water)

Clayton Station also grants Camel Treks Australia access to the largest salt lake in Australia, Lake Eyre, also known as Kati Thanda-Lake. The lake has a catchment area spanning three states and the Northern Territory. The northern lake itself is massive, covering an area of 144 kilometers in length and 77 kilometers in width. It sits 15.2 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point in Australia. The southern lake measures 64 kilometers in length and 24 kilometers in width. On average, the lake experiences flooding once every eight years. However, it has only reached its capacity three times in the past 160 years.


The treks offered by Camel Treks Australia aim to visit Kati Thanda-Lake, where guests can experience a profound sense of isolation while standing on the dry lake edge, surrounded by an endless expanse. Yet, with heavy rainfall and favorable conditions, the lake undergoes a remarkable transformation. Waterbirds, including pelicans, silver gulls, red-necked avocets, banded stilts, and gull-billed terns, descend upon the lake in the thousands. It becomes a breeding site and thrives with species that are adapted to saline environments. Beyond the lake, the park features striking red sand dunes and mesas, rising from salty clay pans and stone-strewn tablelands. (Information sourced: National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia).

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The Tirari Desert, along with the Strzelecki and Sturt Stony Deserts, comprises a vast expanse of desert terrain in northeastern South Australia.

Situated on the eastern edge of Lake Eyre, the Tirari Desert encompasses a portion of the Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre National Park.

The vegetation in the Tirari Desert shares similarities with the Simpson and Strzelecki Deserts. Dune crests and mobile slopes are adorned with sandhill canegrass and sandhill wattle, while stable slopes and sandy corridors between dunes boast hard spinifex growth.

Sparse, tall shrubland consisting of acacia, eremophila, and grevillea can be found on the flanks of the dunes. Swales and interdune flats host saltbush and bluebush vegetation. Along Cooper Creek, permanent waterholes give rise to narrow river red gum and coolibah woodlands.

The Tirari Desert falls within the Simpson–Strzelecki Dunefields bioregion. Cooper Creek traverses the desert, creating a thriving corridor of Coolibah shrubland. The desert also encompasses salt lakes and north-to-south sand dunes covered with canegrass and sparsely populated acacia shrubland.


Notable threatened and vulnerable species documented in the Tirari Desert include the Ampurta/Crest-tailed mulgara (Dasycercus cristicauda), Wilkiniti/dusky hopping mouse (Notomys fuscus), Fawn hopping-mouse (Notomys cervinus), Grey falcon (Falco hypoleucos), and Woma python (Aspidites ramsayi).

Information sourced: 10 Deserts Project

Bird Watching

Expansive terrain

Tirari Desert

Kati Thanda ~ Lake Eyre

Arid Vegetation and


Camel Treks Australia Australian Desert Expeditions Outback Camel Company National Parks B

Bush Walking | Camel Riding

Camel riding allows riders to experience the gentle sway of the camel as they take in the breathtaking scenery, continuing the timeless tradition of traversing landscapes with camels.


Camel caravans are accompanied by those who wish to bush walk with the cameleers. Bushwalking connects to the immediate world around us in a way that only the subtleties of walking on foot can provide.

Whether you choose to ride, walk, or combine both, our cameleers endeavor to deliver an unforgettable adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Our behind-the-scenes all-terrain backup vehicles ensure your safety and comfort at all times.


Nature Therapy | Wellness & Eco-friendly | Animal Therapy

"Guest trekkers are often amazed by the depth of personality camels have. They can feel and respond to kindness and love, with some even seeking out people for such contact.

Guests can rest assured they will meet a team of camels with an average of 10-15 years of trekking experience, living alongside the Senior Cameleers. The camels are able to eat throughout the day as they, riders and walkers explore. Our Cameleers completely avoid using any harsh control devices or nose pegs, which is one of the main reasons why our camels are happy to be handled. 

We are proud to operate in a visually stunning location, follow a 'leave no trace' eco-tourism approach, employ experienced cameleers and guides, and offer freshly prepared meals. Explore during the day, and relax at night under the stars while sharing satisfying meals around the campfire.


Nature therapy and animal therapy are effective ways to improve wellness, and more people are realising their rejuvenating benefits.  Taking a break from modern life to immerse oneself in natural settings and eco-friendly adventures can feel like a homecoming and provide crucial self-care. We facilitate fully catered riding and bushwalking getaways so guests can experience firsthand the restorative power of connecting with nature and animals."


Karen Ellis

Co-Director ~ Camel Treks Australia

Environmentally Sustainable

Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd is an award-winning tour operator that specialises in Outback tourism. We are committed to providing inspiring journey-themed adventures in landscapes renowned for their natural beauty and isolation.

Our cameleers have a deep knowledge and respect for the well-being of their camels and are dedicated to walking with awareness on country. Our guests depart inspired, knowing they have been part of an environmentally sustainable, animal-focused travel experience.

We are proud to have been awarded the 2022 Eco-Tourism Bronze Award and the 2023 Eco-Tourism Silver Award by the Tourism Industry Council of South Australia and congratulated by Ecotourism Australia.



Our treks offer comfortable, clean camping with private toilet tents, campfire chairs, and deluxe top-of-the-range self-contained one-man, fully zipped, tent-style swags with thick mattresses. This experience comes close to glamping.

Meals on our treks are healthy, ample, and delicious, with unlimited access to second servings, catering for all dietary requirements.

Our treks are not strenuous, and our staff take the time to share the entire experience with you. We invite you to join our cameleers for a unique four or nine-day journey.


Cameleers enjoy sharing this slow form of travelling with their camels and guests.

Camel Treks Australia Camel Safaris Training Education Treks Tours

Responsible Animal Tourism, Supporting Bushwalkers and Naturalists

Camel Treks Australia is the leading and only remaining camel riding trekking company operating in Australia today. We are dedicated to supporting bushwalkers and naturalists and are proud to be at the forefront of the global tourism industry in responsible animal tourism.

At Camel Treks Australia, we provide a safe and loving refuge for camels that would have otherwise been shot or destroyed for meat consumption. Our cameleers are committed to making a positive difference for each individual camel, and we have a vision for a world where tourism is kind to animals and allows people to enjoy interacting in a positive natural environment.

For the past 27 years, we have been living and working with camels, showcasing the incredible beauty of Australia. We are passionate about sharing this unique experience with our safari guests and are committed to providing an unforgettable trekking experience that is both safe and enjoyable.

Thank you again for considering Camel Treks Australia for your next holiday adventure. We look forward to sharing the beauty of Outback Australia and our love for the robust, intelligent camel.

Camel Treks Australia Explore Adventure Outback Australia

"Great people ,the best camels in the world, magical scenery, all these add up to a camel trek to remember, no problem to small or to large to solve , staff who put themselves in service to their clients willingly and cheerfully , anything to give people the trip of a lifetime, and the upmost care given to both camels and people with no compromises to health or safety."

Morris M. Aug. 2022

Camel Treks Australia Safari Getaway Holiday Bushwalking

“The 9 day camel trek was everything and more than I’d hoped for. Travelling in the stunning country west of the Flinders Ranges, the location is unique and exhilarating. To travel through this beautiful, isolated and changing countryside, either walking besides the camels or riding them, was a unique experience, and I loved being immersed in the landscape.

Home now, but dreaming of the desert and the wide open spaces and looking to return before too long."

Jennifer S. Aug. 2022


Awards and Recognition

  • Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence' 2017, 2018, and 2019

  • Trip Advisor 'Travellers Choice' 2022

  • 2006 South Australia 'Best Tour Operator' Award

  • 2016, 2021, 2022 Finalists S.A 'Best Adventure Tourism' Business

  • 2017 South Australian Tourism Award 'Silver Medalists'

  • 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 South Australian Tourism Awards Finalists 'Adventure and Eco-Tourism'

  • 2022 South Australian Tourism Award 'Eco Tourism Bronze Medalist'

  • 2023 Nominated in the Australia Travel & Hospitality Awards

  • 2023 THA Travel & Hospitality Awards - Winner 'Adventure Tour Company of the Year for S.A'

  • 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards Finalists 'Eco-Tourism'

  • 2023 South Australian Tourism Awards Silver Medalists 'Eco-Tourism'

  • Trip Advisor 'Travellers Choice' 2023

  • Listed in S.A's 'Top 100 Bucket List Experiences'

We are proud to have received these awards and recognitions for our commitment to delivering exceptional tourism experiences. Thank you for considering us for your next adventure.

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Awards Medalists Camel Treks Australia
Award Finalists Camel Treks Australia
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