Save a camel | Ride or walk with a rescue


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Save a camel | Ride or walk with a rescue


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Meet Australia's premier, and most experienced camel riding trek company, located in the visually stunning landscape of the Far North Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

We are leading the global tourism industry in responsible animal tourism, providing a home for camels that would have otherwise been shot, or destroyed for meat consumption. We strive to make a positive difference to each individual camels life, and provide them with a safe desert refuge. Our vision is for a world where tourism is kind to animals and allows people to enjoy interacting in a positive natural environment.

If you're looking for a unique experience with an accredited, award winning company you can trust, one that puts it's camels and clients equally at the centre of it's universe, then we invite you to come on board, let us do what we do best, showcasing the incredible Flinders Ranges. This is what we've been doing for over 25 years.

The rugged, weathered peaks, red sand dunes and river red gum lined rocky creek beds of the Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia form dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Soak up the true beauty of this region on a 4, 5 or 9 day fully catered camel trek.

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Rugged and untamed, the Flinders Ranges is 650 million years old, with majestic, imposing geology and abundant wildlife. Now imagine exploring it on the back of a camel. Camel Treks Australia co-owner Karen Ellis describes the trips as “four-wheel driving by camel – you’re accessing land that you wouldn’t otherwise see.”


The treks are unhurried, leaving from Beltana Station in the northern Flinders, about 500 kilometres north of Adelaide, and covering 8 to 15 kilometres a day. The animals meander through valleys and gorges, along ridges and gum-lined creek beds and, on some excursions, over red sand dunes.

Ditch any thoughts about camel-riding being difficult: the animals’ gentle plod is often described as meditative (Karen says it’s like “being in a moving armchair”). Nights are spent around the camp fire, a glass of wine in hand, with a hearty meal bubbling away in the camp oven.

YOU WON’T FORGET The awe-inspiring sunsets and the night skies awash with stars. Then there are the camels, each with their own personality. “They’re highly intelligent and capable of expressing themselves very well,” says Karen. It’s quite common, she says, for trekkers to become very attached to them.

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Cameleers offer guests a finely tuned break-away for the young and young at heart. There is no age limit for guests to participate with the camels and campfire activities. It's also possible to learn camel husbandry skills and get involved. 

Along with our experienced cameleers, guests will meet international horse experienced assistants completing internships and learning about camels. Languages spoken frequently include French, German,and Spanish along with accents from Ireland, the U.K and U.S.A. These people are youthful and excited to be here with you, helping in whatever way they can as cameleer assistants.

A typical trekking day looks like:

  • Mornings begin with hot water available for tea & coffee from 7am 
  • Breakfast options are served between 7.30 - 8.30am

  • Cameleers release camels for shepherding at sunrise

  • Camels enjoy several hours of eating; great light for photography

  • Guests are welcome to assist with shepherding camels every morning & afternoon

  • After breakfast camp shift crew take all luggage and guests depart with camels

  • Cameleers bring camels in for brushing and saddling between 9 - 9.30am

  • Guests are welcome to watch, learn and participate

  • Camels are ready to ride between 10- 11am, trekking to our next campsite

  • Guests can choose to walk, ride or travel with the base camp crew

  • We always have vehicle back up for guests who wish to have a lazy day

  • Camels walk at the slow speed of 4 - 5 km's per hour, eating along the way

  • Cameleers and guests rest for a picnic style lunch half-way

  • Camels, cameleers and guests arrive at a new campsite in the late afternoon

  • Cameleers remove camel's saddles and blankets, guests are welcome to assist

  • Cameleers shepherd the camels before tethering them for the evening, guests are welcome to assist with these activities; great time of the day for photography

  • Cameleers prepare the evening meal, collect wood and light the campfire

  • Evening yarns under a thousand stars, new friendships, lots of laughs

  • Treks are well staffed with helpful cameleers; guests can choose their level of participation, from being totally catered to, or becoming an assistant cameleer!

Daily distance travelled:

  • The distance we explore varies between 8 - 15km depending on the terrain, weather conditions and available camel feed at the spot we choose to camp each night 

  • Camels move at a slow walking speed which is a comfortable riding pace, frequently stopping at their favourite bushes to snack on the move 

  • Unlike riding a horse which requires a reasonable amount of rider alertness and balance, riding a camel is easy

  • Many guests like to combine riding and walking; some bush walk the entire time, whilst others ride the entire time ... the choice is happily yours

  • Repeat trekkers recommend wearing bicycle pants underneath a longer pant for extra comfort. The desert is rich with flora and fauna, and being perched up high on the camels allows a grand opportunity for observation 

  • The camel strings stops for a picnic lunch, which allows for easy switching between riding and walking if desired

Some of our travel features include:

  • Book now with a 20% deposit; full final payment due 4 - 6 weeks prior to scheduled trek departure date

  • Discounts for repeat guest trekkers, groups, South Aussies and Aussies

  • We offer extended journeys in Australia, Mongolia, India, Morocco and Turkey

  • ​​​On Australian camel treks cameleers offer afternoon snacks upon arrival, followed by the evening meal; thereafter all meals are included concluding with breakfast on the morning of departure 

  • Generous meal portions including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as unlimited access to fresh fruit and clean drinking water

  • Coffee, assorted teas and cordial are provided with dairy/alternative milks

  • Walk or ride atop our magnificent camels with padded seats for maximum comfort

  • With advance notification we can cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten /egg / nut and dairy free diets.  

  • Clean and comfortable camping equipment

  • Tidy, private toilet tents and toiletries

  • Comfortable camping in spacious deluxe swags with optional bedding hire

  • Generous staff-guest ratio combining cameleers and internship support

  • Small sized trekking groups of 8 adult guests

  • Evening campfires with comfortable camp chairs

  • All meals are cooked over the camp fire in cast iron cookware

  • Return transfers are available from Adelaide airport, Adelaide CBD accommodation, or meet the bus at 6.45am at the Adelaide Central Bus Station. Travel in comfort with Genesis Tour and Charter. They’ll deliver you to our location and pick you up at the completion of the trek. 


For your safety and security we travel with:

  • Satellite phones and EPIRB safety units

  • UHF handsets and location relevant maps

  • Global navigation devices

  • A comprehensive Royal Flying Doctor medical chest

  • First aid kits and toiletries in our day packs

  • All terrain back-up vehicles

  • Senior cameleers have first aid training

  • Adherence to best practice safety standards​​ 

Return Transfers:

Return transfers are available from Adelaide airport, Adelaide CBD accommodation, or meet the bus at 6.45am at the Adelaide Central Bus Station. Travel in comfort with Genesis Tour and Charter. They’ll deliver you to our location and pick you up at the completion of the trek.   

Contact ph: (08) 8552 4000 ~ Email:


Trip Advisor Testimonials

Contact the office cameleers to receive a comprehensive information pdf., or if you're ready to book your adventure now click on our Book Now page, pick your trek and follow the booking prompts. Remember to enter a discount code if your eligible.

We are available to answer any queries, process trek bookings via on-line payments or old fashioned cheques.


Let us help you adventure!

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