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Camel Treks Australia's cherished humps carry diverse stories, reflecting the varied backgrounds from which they've emerged before finding home in our care.


Some, bearing the scars of past mistreatment, have taken years to regain trust, revealing the distressing imprints of previous less than ideal circumstances.


Many were destined for the butcher's block, only to find a second chance at life as trekking companions.


We've witnessed the joy of new life, including the youngest addition born on Christmas Day 2023. Averaging from 12 to 18 years, with a few approaching the venerable age of 40, our camel family showcases a spectrum of ages.


Much like any sentient beings, camels respond positively to a patient and caring approach, unveiling their innate laid-back nature and temperament. Thriving in the serene expanse of the Australian Outback, these intelligent animals find solace in the vast desert landscapes that echo their preference for wide-open spaces.

Meet The Family

This page is currently under construction with many more camel profiles coming soon!

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