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Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd 

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The Camel Sanctuary ABN: 50609922349 

Trading asCamel Treks Australia Pty Ltd ACN: 609 922 349 ABN: 50 609 922 349 

Current - 2024 / 2025

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Welcome to Camel Treks Australia – Where Adventure Meets Professionalism!

In order to operate responsibly in the tourism industry, it's necessary for us to lay out our booking conditions clearly. As lovers of the Outback, we spend our days off the grid, contemplating life, and embracing the beauty of nature.

While the following communications may seem formal, it doesn't convey the relaxed atmosphere you'll encounter on our Camel Treks.  We are genuinely excited to welcome you, and our commitment is to provide an exceptional adventure infused with warmth and professionalism.

As we embark on this journey together, there are a few expectations outlined in the terms and conditions below. Fear not! In return, we pledge to offer our very best – 100% dedication to making your camel trekking experience extraordinary.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready for an adventure that seamlessly blends the thrill of the Outback with the professionalism of Camel Treks Australia. We eagerly await the opportunity to share this incredible journey with you whether it be a 4, 5, 7 or 9 day Camel Trek.

1. Introduction

Camel Treks Australia (CTA) operates under the Australian Business Number (ABN) 50 609 922 349, facilitating camel riding and bushwalking trekking/safari/tour /journey experiences ("Treks") for the public. By booking a Trek experience with CTA, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following booking conditions.


2. Nature of Services

CTA is not a travel agent and does not provide or sell services/products exclusively offered by travel agents (e.g., domestic and international flights, hotel accommodation). CTA focuses solely on delivering the Trek experience. All ancillary travel products and related bookings, such as flights, return bus charters, and accommodation necessary for attending the Trek, must be independently organised by you or through your preferred travel provider.

CTA's prices for 4, 5, 7, and 9-day camel treks are in AUD, inclusive of GST, and may change before you make a booking. The Mongolia Journey is priced in USD. These prices are per person, and based on twin sharing for all International Journeys. Single supplements are available for solo travellers on International Journeys requesting single accommodation, or if a travelling companion cancels. Your Booking Confirmation will specify your Camel Trek price, covering our Camel Trekking Services.

International and domestic airfares, airport/hotel transfers, or any transit costs are not included in our Camel Trek pricing. Costs related to passports, visas, vaccinations, insurance, meals in transit, emergency evacuation, gratuities, and all personal items are not included and are your responsibility. If we incur any of these costs on your behalf, you agree to reimburse us on demand.

3. Booking Agreement

By making a booking for a Trek/Journey experience with CTA or CTA's third party International facilitators', you expressly agree to abide by the booking conditions and terms outlined below, as well as those emailed via the XOLA booking system upon processing of the Trek deposit and confirmation of your Trek place. Additionally, you agree to adhere to the essential Trek information specific to your Trek, which can be found on this website, and or any updates emailed to you regarding your Trek directly received from Camel Treks Australia. 



4. Definitions

In these Booking Conditions, the following terms have the specified meanings:

  • Booking: Refers to a reservation made for a Trek / Journey,  or any of its components.

  • Booking Conditions: Denotes these Booking Terms & Conditions.

  • "Force Majeure Event": Encompasses circumstances beyond the reasonable control of any party. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of God, accidents, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, flooding, fire, adverse natural weather phenomena, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, epidemics, pandemics, quarantine, outbreaks of infectious diseases, any other public health crisis (including but not limited to COVID-19), breakdown of communication facilities, natural catastrophes, governmental acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, industrial or nuclear disasters, explosions, generalised lack of availability of raw materials or energy, adverse weather conditions, fire, and strikes.

  • Trek/Journey: Encompasses the entire duration spent with the Cameleers, camels, and all associated staff as part of the Trek /Journey component of the Trek/Journey experience.

  • You/Your/Guests/Guest/Personal/Everyone/They/Them/Their/All/Client/Individual/Trekker/: Refers to the lead-named person on the confirmation invoice, who must be at least 18 years old at the time of Booking. Additionally, it includes all persons on whose behalf a Booking is made.

  • We/Us/Our /Cameleer/Cameleers/Camels/CTA: Refers to Camel Treks Australia (ABN 50 609 922 349) – CTA.

5. Travel Insurance

5.1 Mandatory Requirement:

Travel Insurance is compulsory for all bookings. It must be obtained at the time of booking.

5.2 Recommended Coverage:

We strongly recommend securing insurance before making deposits. Your travel insurance must cover personal accident, death, medical expenses, and emergency repatriation to your home destination. Additionally, we advise comprehensive coverage for cancellation, curtailment, personal liability, and loss of luggage and personal effects.

5.3 Submission of Details:

Upon paying the balance of your booking fee, and upon our request, you must provide your travel insurance policy number and the insurance company's 24-hour emergency contact number. Failure to provide these details could be deemed a cancellation of your Trek experience by you, and you may not be able to join the Trek without these essential details.

5.4 Details for Credit Card or Bank-Connected Insurance:

If your travel insurance is linked to your credit card or bank account, ensure you have details of the participating insurer, the insurance policy number, and the emergency contact number. Note that coverage offered by credit card companies or reciprocal medical agreements may not be comprehensive.

5.5 Importance of Travel Insurance:

In today's unpredictable world, Camel Treks Australia considers Travel Insurance compulsory. It is strongly recommended to arrange this at the time of booking. Ensure your insurance provides adequate medical and travel cover.

5.6 Submission of Insurance Policy:

Guest trekkers are requested to forward their travel insurance policy via email to before their trek departure date. In the event of choosing not to take an insurance policy, guests should write to the same address, stating their acceptance of full responsibility for travel arrangements and medical expenses in the event of altered plans, such as unexpected weather events or personal illness impacting their capacity to participate.

5.6 (a) Group Bookings: For individuals representing a group, Camel Treks Australia requires the following:

Submission of Travel Insurance Policies and Confirmation of Understanding:

  • Submission of Travel Insurance Policies: Email the travel insurance policies associated with all names of group members to Camel Treks Australia.

  • Confirmation of Understanding: Ensure that Camel Treks Australia is satisfied that all members of the group have had full access to our Booking Conditions and confirm their understanding and acceptance of their responsibilities.

5.7 Recommended Providers:

For your convenience, consider visiting travel insurance websites such as Travel Insure or CoverMore to ensure you have suitable coverage.

5.8 Ensure Your Chosen Travel Insurance Policy Is Suitable for the Trek Activity, Location, and Associated Risks:

Obtaining travel insurance is deemed mandatory for Trek participation, and we urge all guests to secure a comprehensive policy covering the entire duration of their specific Trek, as well as all travel arrangements to and from our designated destinations, whether within Australia or overseas. Furthermore, CTA strongly recommends disclosing your Trek activity to the prospective insurer to ensure the best policy coverage and to confirm that you will be adequately covered for your chosen Trek activity / holiday / experience / adventure.

5.9 Travel Insurance is Your Responsibility:

If you choose not to procure an insurance policy, Camel Trek Australia requires written confirmation from the individual representing themselves or a group. This confirmation should express their absolute and full acceptance of complete responsibility for their travel arrangements and medical expenses in the event of a Force Majeure Event or altered plans, such as personal illness negatively impacting their capacity to participate. For individuals representing a group, please provide the names of all group members, and ensure that Camel Treks Australia is contacted directly to confirm their understanding and acceptance of this responsibility.

6. Deposit - Payment and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy Preface:

Camel Treks Australia has limited capacity for guest numbers and operates during the limited cooler months for Trekking. For this reason, we request that you cancel at least 90 days before your scheduled Trek. This will allow us to offer your spot to another guest. We understand that our guests often plan their camel Trek adventures well in advance, with most Trek bookings occurring between 9 to 24 months ahead. This proactive approach contributes to the seamless and tailored experiences we strive to deliver. Given the unique nature of our boutique offerings and the limited operational months due to desert conditions, replacing cancelled guests within a 90-day window has proven, over our many years of operation, to be very unlikely if not impossible. These policies are in place to maintain awareness, provide fair wages to our dedicated staff, and ensure exceptional care for our cherished camels.

We appreciate your understanding of this and thank you for considering the intricacies of our booking and cancellation policies in planning your unforgettable Trekking experience. You may please both text and email us at M. 0432 223 6131 / to cancel. Please note, we do not offer refunds of the final full payment within 90 days prior to a scheduled trek departure date. However, if given notice of your need to cancel, you can transfer your booking to another Trek or choose to send someone in your place.

In the true event of a medical condition preventing your participation, we are committed to being fair and considerate. In such cases, we will work with you to reschedule your Camel Trek or provide a letter for your travel insurer, allowing you to claim a refund. To facilitate this process, we would require a letter from a medical doctor verifying that the cancellation is unavoidable due to a current medical condition in which a camel Trekking experience is not advised. We believe in fairness and understanding, and your health and well-being remain our top priority.

6.1 Non-refundable deposit of 20% per person:

A non-refundable deposit of 20% per person, based on the total Camel Trek cost, is required and collected at the time of booking. This non-refundable deposit is fully transferable within the same Camel Trekking year depending on space availability in alternative Camel Treks. With CTA company approval, it may also be considered for application towards the following year's Camel Trekking season, subject to any price increases incurred in the following year and CTA's ability to obtain a comprehensive and affordable public liability insurance policy in 2025.

6.2 The final payment, due 90 days prior to your specified Camel Trek:

The final payment, due 90 days prior to your specified Camel Trek departure date, is non-refundable once processed. However, it is fully transferable to a preferred date within the same year subject to availability or, with CTA company approval, into the following year. Please note that any price increases incurred in the following year will be applicable to the transferred booking.

6.2 (a) Camel Treks Australia requires a 20% non-refundable deposit processed via your nominated credit card to hold your preferred Camel Trek dates. The card that you use when booking will be the card that is debited from our online booking system to process the final payment 90 days prior to your trek. Please note that at no time do we have access to your credit card information. The final payment is processed via a secure online booking system and merchant.

6.2 (b) In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your Camel Trek fee may be applied to a future Camel Trek. We will do our very best to reschedule your Camel Trek for another time that is convenient for you.

7. Camel Trek Attendance and Cancellation Policy

7.1 Missed Camel Trek:

Our goal is to provide a quality ecotourism adventure for all our Camel Trekking guests. However, if a person does not arrive for their specified booked Camel Trek, they will not be offered any alternative or benefit from having their Trek transferred unless circumstances were beyond their control. The final decision will be at the discretion of Camel Treks Australia's Directors regarding the individual or group concerned.

7.2 Camel Trek Cancellation:

When you book your Camel Trek, we are reserving a space on our calendar that is no longer available to others. Furthermore, our annual  Camel Trekking schedule operates exclusively during the cooler months, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The Australian desert summers, marked by intense heat, pose potential risks to human health. Your cooperation in this regard is crucial for the success and safety of our Camel Treks. If a cancellation is necessary, we require that you do so with as much advance notice as possible. Camel Trek places are in high demand, and your advanced notification might allow another guest access to that Camel Trek vacancy.

7.3 Late Cancellations and No-Shows:

A cancellation is considered late when cancelled less than 30 days prior to the specified Camel Trek departure date. A no-show is when a booked guest misses a Camel Trek without prior cancellation. In either case, we will charge the individual the full trekking fee since filling that vacancy is not possible to replace within such a late cancellation period or no-show instance. We will do our best to navigate with the persons involved whether an alternative Camel Trek date is possible. 

7.4 Short Cancellation Policy:

We understand your time is valuable, and ours is too. Out of respect for our staff and camels, we ask that individuals provide at least 90 days' notice if they need to cancel a Trek. This will prevent the need for the final payment to be processed.

7.5 Cancellation Policy:

Please note, we do not offer refunds of the final full payment within 90 days prior to a scheduled Trek departure date. However, if given notice of your need to cancel 30 days prior to your scheduled trek departure date we will credit your payment towards another Camel Trek in the same trekking season/year. If you do not cancel with at least 90 days' notice, you may lose any payments you have already made, including but not excluding the non-refundable deposit.

7.6 Transferring Treks:

The Camel Treks Australia team will make every effort to reschedule Camel Treks to the desired date for an individual. However, we maintain a commitment to not overbook and compromise the overall experience for the larger group of guests. It's important to note that Camel Treks within Australia cannot be transferred to International Journeys facilitated by Camel Treks Australia on behalf of third-party providers.​

8. Return Charters


8.1 Adelaide City to Port Augusta Regional City with Stateliner Premier Coach Services:

In 2024, CTA requires all non-self driving guests to book cost-effective return charter coach seats with Stateliner Premier Coach Services departing from Adelaide City. Please review Stateliner Premier Coach Services' Terms and Conditions here and Cancellation Policy here. Timetables for Stateliner Premier Coach Services return departures aligning with 2024 treks can be found on each specific trek duration page within this website via the Outback Treks page.

8.2 Camel Treks Australia return charter from Port Augusta Regional City to Clayton Station:

In 2024, CTA will offer a free/complimentary return charter service from Port Augusta Regional City to our camel trekking base at the Clayton Station Wetlands on Clayton Station in Outback South Australia. The journey will include a stop at the Camel-Historic township of Marree and traverse the iconic Outback Australia Birdsville Track.

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9.1 Travel Insurance:

Attendance requires adequate insurance for the entire Camel Trek duration. We strongly recommend comprehensive coverage for cancellation, medical needs, evacuation, luggage, and additional expenses. The choice of insurer is yours. Purchase insurance when paying your deposit, as cancellation fees may apply from that point. CTA further requests that individual policies are emailed to us which would be used in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency. 

9.2 Passports, Visas & Vaccinations:

For non-Australian citizens, ensure a valid passport with sufficient validity and required visas for arrival in Australia or if joining International Journeys facilitated by third-party operators. Responsibility also includes obtaining necessary vaccinations or preventive medicines for the entire Journey.

9.3 Health & Fitness:

Ensure you have a suitable level of health and fitness for the Camel Trek, drawing insights from testimonials on Trip Advisor and Google. Complete the 'Medical Waiver Form' after receiving the Booking Confirmation and before travel. Failure to do so may result in booking cancellation without a refund. The Medical Waiver form is used in conjunction with our commitment to collaborate with The Royal Flying Doctor Service. It is accessed to ensure a correct flow of information regarding your medical history in the event of a medical emergency.

Some Outback Treks involve steep sand dunes and uneven gibber plains, potentially tiring for guests walking versus riding camels. Adaptability is crucial without commonplace indoor comforts. Reasonable mobility is required, including entering and exiting ground-level swags and alighting vehicles unaided by Cameleers. Notify us in advance for wheelchair or walker accommodation, as our vehicles lack lifts or ramps. Accompanied support persons receive reduced fees, either as carers or standard Trek participants. Advanced notice is essential for proper planning, especially for those requiring a support person.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not book without prior discussion if a support person is needed, as individual assessments are required for feasibility. 


Our Cameleers offer general assistance throughout the Camel Trek but cannot meet the needs of guests requiring regular medical attention or act as carers. For special assistance, be accompanied by a support person. If unsure about your ability to undertake the Camel Trek, email us to discuss your circumstances before booking.

9.4 Existing Medical Conditions:

If you have a medical condition that could reasonably be expected to increase your risk of requiring medical attention or special assistance, or that could significantly impact the standard conduct of the Camel Trek, please inform us before making your booking. We may request an assessment of your medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner. If the assessment indicates that you are unfit for the Trek and would require special assistance that we cannot reasonably provide, we may, regrettably, have to decline your booking unavoidably.

9.5 New Medical Conditions:

You are required to inform us of any new or changed medical conditions that could reasonably be expected to increase your risk of requiring medical attention, special assistance, or that may significantly affect your ability to participate in a Camel Trek. We may request an assessment of your medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner. If the assessment indicates that you are unfit to travel or will require special assistance that we cannot reasonably provide, or if you fail to provide a medical assessment within a reasonable timeframe upon our request, this will be considered a cancellation by you, and cancellation fees will apply based on the timeframe of the cancellation. The possibility of a support person attending as an alternative for your participation can be discussed; see 9.3.

9.6 Illness, Intoxication, and Behaviour at Commencement:

Camel Treks Australia reserves the right to refuse confirmation of your Camel Trek booking, permit you to commence the Camel Trek/Journey, or remove you from the Trek/Journey without liability or obligation to provide an alternative if, at the commencement of the Camel Trek, you present with a visible illness, infection, injury, disease, or other medically considered condition that could jeopardise the safety of yourself, other guests, or our employees. Furthermore, if we consider a person to be under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol, displaying symptoms of intoxication, we may proceed to either a Medical Clinic, Hospital, or the local police station for assessment and appropriate action.

Additionally, disruptive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Camel Treks Australia reserves the right to take appropriate action, including removal from the Camel Trek, without any liability or alternative obligation, if a participant engages in behaviour deemed unsafe, disrespectful, or disruptive to the Camel Trek's overall well-being.

9.7 Dietary Requirements:

Special dietary requests must be communicated to us within 30 days after we issue your Booking Confirmation. We will make every effort to relay your requirements to relevant suppliers. However, we cannot guarantee that suppliers will meet all requests and Cameleers are located in a remote location. It remains your responsibility to verify that meals and beverages align with your allergen specifications. We explicitly disclaim any liability for meals or beverages containing allergens, except in instances where our negligence is evident. Notwithstanding this disclaimer, we routinely accommodate guests with known anaphylactic conditions and severe allergies. Such guests are encouraged to either bring their own supplies which we can easily store and keep cool, or trust us to cater to them to the best of our abilities.

9.8 Medical and Risk Waiver Form

At the time of booking you will be directed to read our medical and risk waiver form.  You acknowledge that your Camel Trek may expose you to inherent personal risks which may be greater than those present in your everyday life. This could be because of the adventurous nature of the Camel Trek, travelling through and visiting remote destinations, and interactions with wildlife. You travel on the basis that you accept these inherent risks and that to the fullest extent permitted by law we will not be responsible for any personal injury or death resulting from the materialisation of an inherent risk.

You acknowledge and agree that your participation in the Camel Trek may be subject to you agreeing to a form of risk acceptance and waiver of liability for participation in the activity. This form applies to our Australian and International Camel Treks / Journeys.

9.9. Deemed Acceptance:

If you make a booking on behalf of another party, you affirm and assure us that you are duly authorised to convey the agreement and consent of the other party to be bound by these Booking Conditions. By doing so, you acknowledge that you will be accountable for any loss or damage incurred by us, which would not have occurred had the other party's agreement and consent been accurately represented. All guests however must complete their own medical waiver form and participants under the age of 18 years must be assisted by their guardian/parent, and signed by the guardian/parent.

10. Safety and Health Considerations

10.1 Seatbelts:

In instances where a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft is equipped with seatbelts, adherence to wearing them while on board is mandatory. To the fullest extent permitted by law, our liability for personal injury, death, or other damages arising from an accident involving a vehicle, during the Trek will be limited or excluded to the extent that the failure to wear a supplied seatbelt contributed to or caused the injury or death.


10.2 General Good Health

In order to participate, persons must be in good general health. If in doubt please consult with your health professional. Camel Treks Australia's staff are not trained medical professionals and we facilitate Camel Treks in remote locations. We are therefore unable to offer responsibility for persons with mental health challenges or physical challenges. In the past we have made exceptions for persons with physical challenges with prior consultation, which at times has included conversations with an individual's Doctor, and or family members attending to act as support persons throughout the Camel Trek. Camel Treks Australia is focused on a Camel Trek flowing smoothly so as to best look after all Camel Trekkers and therefore avoid delays in our daily Camel Trek facilitation. Persons arriving with significant signs of illness, such that it would prevent their participation, may be requested to engage in conversation with a Royal Flying Medical Doctor representative, and potentially be transported at their own expense to the nearest medical centre.

10.3 Vaccination policy

We do not require proof of vaccination, however we do ask that persons avoid arriving unwell and will defer their Camel Treks for persons unwell prior to their Camel Trek departure date. In the event of a true illness, unavoidable emergency, all or part of your Trek fee may be applied to a future trek. We will do our very best to reschedule your Camel Trek for another time that is convenient to you. We will however require a Doctor's certificate or other such evidence for short notice cancellations.


10.4 COVID 19 - Pandemic and viruses

Under work health and safety laws, Camel Treks Australia is required to take care of the health, safety and welfare of its cameleers and guests. Should COVID 19 or any other similar virus instigate State guidelines, or another pandemic scenario occur, Camel Treks Australia will act in accordance with State regulations, which may prevent our normal trekking calendar. This is beyond our personal control and any booked Camel Treks cancelled would be rescheduled.


10.5 Extreme Weather Events

Camel Treks Australia accepts that extreme weather events can impact our capacity to facilitate advertised and booked scheduled Camel Treks. Should a Camel Trek departure date be negatively affected we will do our utmost to offer advanced notification and will additionally do our best to reschedule all inconvenienced guests into their next preferred Camel Trek date depending on vacancies and availability.


All Camel Treks are conducted outdoors and are subject to weather conditions. In the event of extreme changes in wind speed, temperature, or rain, itineraries may be cancelled or altered to ensure your safety and provide the best possible experience during your time with us.

10.6 Remote Areas

You acknowledge that all Australian Camel Treks are conducted in remote Outback locations, involving overnight stays in areas considerably distant from hospitals, medical centres, or other medical facilities. Additionally, Camel Treks Australia traverses extremely remote areas for multiple consecutive days.

You acknowledge that there may be occasions when you require first aid due to an accident, illness, injury, or other health conditions. You consent to our CTA Cameleers providing you with first aid under the understanding that: (a) our personnel are not qualified medical professionals; (b) we make no warranties and expressly disclaim all warranties regarding the standard of care provided; and (c) to the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable (nor will our CTA Cameleer staff) for any care given or omitted. If you are unable to do so yourself, you consent to us seeking and securing any medical treatment that we reasonably consider you require. This may include attendance or evacuation by the Royal Flying Doctor Service or a similar service. You agree to reimburse us for any costs incurred in seeking medical treatment on your behalf.


Directors and senior staff of Camel Treks Australia possess remote first aid training skills and adhere to the directives of the Royal Flying Doctor Service's medical doctor representatives when administering first aid beyond their skill set. CTA carries a fully stocked and up-to-date Royal Flying Doctor Chest, as well as a comprehensive General First Aid Chest. These chests are kept padlocked, containing prescription-only life-saving medications.

Additionally, CTA treks with a new defibrillator unit designed for use in the event of a heart attack. This device can help restore the heart's normal rhythm and resume normal beating. CTA staff are trained to use this defibrillator as part of their CPR and resuscitation course attendance.

11. Authority on Camel Treks

Our Treks are under the guidance of its Directors and Head Cameleers. The decisions made by these individuals are considered final on all matters that may impact the safety or well-being of any traveller or staff member participating in the Trek. Failure to comply with decisions made by Directors and Head Cameleers or engaging in actions that compromise the well-being or cohesion of the group may result in the Directors and Head Cameleers arranging for your removal from the Trek. In such cases, no alternative Trek experience  (in whole or part) is applicable, and you are obligated to reimburse Camel Treks Australia promptly for any costs associated with your removal. Additionally, we reserve the right to decline your participation in any future Treks.

12. Privacy Policy on Camel Treks

12.1 Photography and Recording Preferences:


We understand that personal preferences regarding photography and recording vary among our guests. It's important to note that our Treks often involve a shared experience where participants capture their moments through photographs and recordings. While we respect individual choices, we kindly advise that by joining our Camel Treks, you acknowledge and understand that photography and filming are integral parts of the shared experience. Guests often capture the beauty and excitement of the journey, and it is likely that fellow guests may take photographs and record videos during the trip.

If you have concerns about being photographed or recorded, we recommend considering this aspect before joining the Camel Trek. We strive to foster a positive and collaborative environment for all participants, and your understanding of the communal nature of Camel Trek photography is appreciated.

12.2 Photography and Recording Consent:

During your Camel Trek / International Journey, both we and our suppliers may capture photographs or recordings that include you and depict your activities. These images may be used for promotional and marketing purposes. By participating in the  Camel Trek / International Journey , you provide your consent for the use of these images and recordings. 

12.3 Consent Acknowledgment:

It's important to note - You acknowledge and consent to the use of your image or likeness for promotional and marketing purposes. You understand that you will not be entitled to any payment or compensation for the use of these images and recordings.

12.4 Privacy Guidelines:

We strive to capture and share the beauty of your Camel Trek experience while respecting your personal space. Participants are welcome to take personal photographs for their memories.

12.5 Cameleer Requests:

There may be instances where our cameleers request no photography. This could be due to specific circumstances, cultural considerations, or to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.

12.6 Filming and Photography on Treks:

Filming and photography may take place during Camel Treks, both in a professional capacity with external third-party professionals and with other participating guests. Camel Treks Australia will notify all trek participants if there is scheduled filming on your Camel Trek. We value transparency and want you to be informed about any media activities during your experience. This is not a frequent occurrence, but is typically exciting having a film crew visit.

12.7 Medical Information provided by you:

CTA collects and stores the medical information you provide. This information is only shared if you require medical assistance during a Camel Trek. Otherwise, it is not disclosed to any other third party. In the event of sharing with a medical provider, the recipients will be the doctors and nurses contracted with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, as well as their handover providers at such as Port Augusta Regional City  Hospital or an Adelaide City Hospital.

12.8 Your personal information and email address:

CTA strictly maintains the confidentiality of guests' contact information and email addresses, refraining from sharing them with any third party without explicit consent. On occasion, film crews or professional photographers express interest in joining our treks. In such instances, we proactively inform participants, and only with their permission, the film or photography team may seek to communicate directly with each trekking participant to provide details about their project. It is important to note that this is a rare occurrence, emphasising our commitment to refraining from any form of spamming and our unwavering policy of not sharing personal contact information without consent.

13. Cancellation by CTA

13.1 If CTA cancels:

If CTA cancels your Camel Trek for reasons other than a Force Majeure event, or a failure to satisfy minimum numbers, we will provide you with the option of an alternative  Camel Trek of comparable quality, if appropriate and possible. Alternatively, you may choose to receive a CTA Credit Note for all funds received, valid for use in the same and or following year. CTA Treks in 2025 are subject to CTA's ability to secure suitable Public Liability Insurance in an era where insurance costs are escalating, forming the most substantial percentage of the 2024 trek price expenditure. 

13.2 CTA in 2024 & 2025:

In the event CTA is unable to secure suitable insurance, we will issue a letter for your travel insurer, allowing you to seek a full refund from your preferred provider. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any additional losses or costs incurred by you (such as airfares not included in your Camel Trek, insurance, and visa expenses) if your Camel Trek is cancelled for any reason, particularly due to a Force Majeure event or a failure to satisfy minimum numbers.

Camel Treks Australia Riding Bush Walking Eco Tourism Holiday Outback Tour Safari.JPG.jpg

14. Minimum Trek and Journey participant numbers required by CTA


14.1 All Australian Camel Treks and International Journeys are subject to a minimum number:

All Australian Camel Treks and International Journeys are subject to a minimum number of passengers, unless explicitly stated as a guaranteed departure date. In order to confirm a departure date as guaranteed, a minimum of 4 bookings is required for all Australian Camel Treks, 10 bookings for Mongolia, and 8 bookings for India. In the event that a Camel Trek or International Journey does not meet the minimum numbers, it may be cancelled, rescheduled, altered, shortened, or re-costed. We will strive to provide notice no later than 2 weeks before the commencement of Australian Camel Treks and one month before an International Journey.

14.2 If the Camel Trek is rescheduled or re-costed:

If the Camel Trek is rescheduled or re-costed, you will have the option to either accept the new departure date or the revised cost, program, or alternative arrangement (as applicable), or to cancel or reschedule your booking. You must make this election within 7 days of receiving notice from us. If we cancel the Camel Trek or International Journey, or if you choose to cancel your booking under these circumstances, we will, at your discretion, either credit your payments towards an acceptable alternative Camel Trek or provide you with a letter for your travel insurer to facilitate a full refund.

15. Claims and Complaints 

If you have a complaint during your Camel Trek, please promptly inform one of the Directors or Head Cameleers to address the concern immediately. Should your concern persist, please submit an emailed complaint to us within one month of completing the Camel Trekking experience.

16. Dispute resolution


16.1 In any case of a dispute, including any related to the Booking Conditions as listed on this website page, neither party may initiate Tribunal or Court proceedings unless the following clauses are followed (excluding cases requiring urgent interlocutory order relief).

16.2 The party initiating a dispute must send a written notification via email to the other party, outlining the details of the dispute, the desired outcome, and the actions necessary for resolution. Within 30 days of receiving the notice, the Parties must engage in good-faith efforts to resolve the Dispute through negotiation or mutually agreed-upon means.Please note that Camel Treks Australia is largely out of range between the months of April and October. Therefore, we can only commit to being available in between and outside of trekking commitments, including International Journeys.

16.3 If the Dispute remains unresolved 30 days after the Notice, the parties must agree on a mediator or request one from the Australian Disputes Centre.

16.4 Both Parties share responsibility for the mediator's fees, reasonable expenses, and mediation venue costs. Each party covers its own associated mediation costs.

16.5 The CTA mediation will be conducted in Adelaide City, Australia.

16.6 All communication during negotiations is confidential and, to the extent possible, treated as "without prejudice" negotiations under applicable laws of evidence.

16.7 If 30 days pass after the start of mediation without resolution, either Party may request termination, obliging the mediator to comply.



The below agreement is signed by you at the time of booking prior to deposit payment:

In expressing my gratitude for the acceptance of my deposit by Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 50 609 922 349, operating on Clayton Station of South Australia, I hereby acknowledge the comprehensive understanding of the Booking Form Terms and Conditions and the terms articulated within this Indemnity and Release. By doing so, I release and bind myself to the following agreement: Acknowledge and willingly release all claims against Camel Treks Australia ABN 50 609 922 349 and Clayton Station, including officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees, agents, sponsors, stakeholders, other participants, and any other individuals associated with this activity ('the releasees'). This release encompasses claims for damages, whether arising from negligence or otherwise, and includes any associated costs, including legal fees.

Acknowledgement of Inherent Risks:

Understand that outdoor activities, such as bushwalking, camping, and camel riding, inherently involve risks that may result in incidents. I acknowledge the natural habitat and creatures in the outdoors, recognising interactions with these creatures may lead to injuries.

Responsibility for Personal Well-being:

Agree to promptly inform Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd team members if in need of hydration, sun or cold protection, or experiencing pain or any concerns.

Health Acknowledgment:

Acknowledge the physical exertion required for outdoor adventures, recognising that pre-existing injuries, conditions, or congenital defects may be activated or aggravated. I affirm my physical and mental fitness, good health, and ability to participate in the stated activity, with no advice from a qualified medical practitioner advising against participation.

Emergency Contact Information:

Agree to provide Emergency Contact details for use in case of an emergency, allowing Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd to contact someone on my behalf.

Safety Helmet Requirement:

Acknowledge the mandatory requirement to wear a safety helmet during camel riding and understand that team members are available for any related inquiries. 


Refusal to Wear Safety Helmet or Influence of Substances:

Accept all risks, dangers, and hazards resulting from the refusal to wear a safety helmet or engaging in activities under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Recognise the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, and loss, with indemnification of Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd from liability.

Compliance with Trek Rules and Regulations:

Agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and instructions governing the activity, with non-compliance constituting a breach of participation terms.

Cancellation, Refund, and Privacy Policy:

Acknowledge that the refund of the participation fee in the event of cancellation is governed by the booking "Terms and Conditions." Confirm awareness of the event's privacy policy.

Consent to Publication and Use of Information:

Consent to the publication and/or use of personal information, including name, image, voice, statements, or other forms, in any media, without payment or compensation.

Voluntary Agreement:

Voluntarily enter into this agreement, having read, understood, and acknowledged the terms of participation, including the exclusion of liability, release, indemnity, and information provided in the Booking form.

Medical/Fitness Questionnaire and Declaration:

By signing this Declaration, confirm the completion of the Medical Questionnaire and understanding of the Cancellation Policy, Indemnity, and Release. Declare the truthfulness of information on the Medical/Fitness Questionnaire and agree to make the information available to a medical officer or Trek Leader. Commit to providing a medical certificate from a Doctor if requested by Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd. Acknowledge that refusal of participation by Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd, based on examination of these forms, may not result in the return of any funds paid, absolving Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd of liability for associated costs, inconvenience, or emotional distress.


Why does Camel Treks Australia have Booking Conditions, and require guests obtain travel insurance?

Camel Treks Australia stands as the only multi-day camel riding trekking business in Australia, offering visitors a unique and unparalleled experience. Camel Treks Australia is an accredited, award-winning tourism business with associated memberships with tourism professional bodies, both National and International. As such, it is a compulsory and essential operational requirement that we hold a 'Certificate of Currency', declaring we have appropriate and professional public liability insurance which aligns with our product nature and delivery. In today's world, obtaining insurances has become increasingly expensive as many insurance agencies have disappeared. Prior to Covid, Camel Treks Australia could choose from over 30 insurance options, now only two remain, hence the quoted and expected associated costs have surged. Much of our trek fee charges are due to the insurance policies we require to operate.

In the event of trek cancellations within the above stated non-refund period, and or in the event of wet or extreme weather events preventing a trek, our commitment to operating Camel Treks Australia does not diminish, and nor do the associated expenses, which include but are not limited to the following ~

Staff Commitment:

Unwavering commitment to providing above award wages. Staff are outdoor and cameleer trained specialists, playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of guests during the limited trekking season. In addition, our staff operations involve ongoing training in first aid, food preparation and cooking, and animal handling training. Staff also assist with camel veterinary checks and the feeding of camel-specific roughage as well as maintaining the health and well-being of our camels.

Operational Capacity:

Limited operational capacity due to the trekking season being confined to cooler months. Limited operational capacity doesn't account for the year-round care required for camels or maintenance of the home base Camel Farm, and the volumes of hay and minerals required to purchase and feed to the camels.

Infrastructure for Treks:

Extensive infrastructure is required for running treks, including trucks, four-wheel drives, trailers, food storage, refrigeration, and specialised saddles which are hand crafted for each camel. This is a huge financial and time investment, ensuring the comfort and safety of both our camels and riders. Our camping equipment, and comfortable swags are replaced frequently to maintain a high standard of camping comfort.

Lease Fees:

The lands we lease for treks are hired for our exclusive use, and therefore, the associated lease fees represent this and are considered a valuable investment. We don't trek anywhere without access rights.

Routine Maintenance:

Camping gear undergoes routine replacement every three years. During the off-season, all vehicles undergo a thorough process of cleaning, servicing, and repair, meticulously prepared for the following trekking season. This essential maintenance, both in terms of time and finances, is crucial. The rough dirt roads these vehicles traverse pose a considerable challenge, with annual wear and tear that demands diligent attention.

Impact of Weather on Operations:

Wet weather or severe weather forecasts leading to unavoidable trek cancellations, are often the most challenging time for cameleers as camels may need to be relocated to higher, non-slippery ground in such severe weather events. Sometimes this means loading and trucking them for up to 6 hours transits to higher ground. Therefore ongoing care and support is essential for both staff and camels in such instances.

Financial Responsibilities:

Payment to food suppliers, station lease fees, camel farm fees. Continuous operation of administrative, booking systems, bookkeeping, and accounting services. Veterinary checks when required and associated treatments and medicinal products.

Administrative Operations:

Administrative staff responsible for guest liaison via emails and phone calls. Continuous operation of administrative, booking systems, bookkeeping, and accounting services, Insurance brokers and employment contractors.


Camel Treks Australia highly recommends securing travel insurance through at the time of booking. We kindly request that all guests acquire their preferred travel insurance to ensure coverage for unforeseen incidents such as extreme weather conditions, flight alterations, or accommodation issues, which may lead to the cancellation of a trek. Camel Treks Australia cannot assume liability for circumstances beyond our control, particularly in adverse weather conditions, and treks impacted by such events are non-refundable. Therefore, we strongly affirm that obtaining travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for trek participation. All guests are urged to secure a comprehensive travel insurance policy, covering the entire duration of their specific trek, as well as all travel arrangements to and from our designated destinations, whether within Australia or Overseas.

Camel Treks Australia is dedicated to providing a unique and enriching experience, and our terms and conditions are in place to ensure the safety, satisfaction, and sustainability of our operations. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these policies. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Good Health is a requirement of attendance

Camel Treks Australia features robust camels capable of carrying individuals weighing up to 100kg. For the comfort and well-being of our camels during extended treks, we kindly request individuals weighing more than this to contact us before making a booking. Unlike brief camel rides, participants on our extended treks spend many hours in the saddle, making it essential to ensure the welfare of our animal companions.

Camel Treks Australia enjoys the company of many repeat guests who have become experienced trekkers and very handy with the camels. These regular camel riders have highly recommended wearing padded bicycle shorts underneath pants for extra camel riding comfort.


We also suggest arriving with gaiters and wearing long pants when camel riding, and ask that you do not purchase new shoes or boots just prior to your camel trek experience as this is likely at worst to lead to blisters and sore feet. Regular trekkers prefer elastic sided boots or comfortable bushwalking boots / shoes, along with a comfortable closed casual shoe to slip on in the evenings. Please keep in mind that in an outdoor environment it pays to always wear closed shoes, verses outdoor sandals.


Cameleers offer guests a great get-away for the young and young at heart. There is no age limit for guests to participate with the camels and campfire activities. It is however required that you are in good general health, and can balance if riding. Treks are facilitated in remote landscapes and we carry a comprehensive Royal Flying Doctor Chest, as well as cameleers having first aid training. We are however not equipped to support persons with known chronic and complex medical conditions. Guests with challenges can opt to travel in our four wheel drive vehicles with the camp shift crew, please email us for more information.

During the booking process, individuals with diagnosed medical conditions are required to provide comprehensive details about their condition and treatment plan. Rest assured, this information is strictly confidential and would only be accessed or referenced in the event of a medical emergency. In cases where a condition is known to be serious or complicated, Camel Treks Australia may appreciate and, if necessary, request a support letter from the persons prescribing Medical Doctor or relevant Health Professional.


Please complete our linked medical form below, 72 hours prior to arrival, which is connected to our covid compliance, insurances and obligation as Royal Flying Doctor Chest Kit holders. Head Cameleer Karen Ellis is authorised to administer medications from within the R.F.D.S comprehensive Medical Chest, which we carry at all times, under the supervision of an R.F.D.S Medical Doctor. In the event of a medical emergency, we can be in immediate contact with The Royal Flying Doctor Service via our satellite phones to address medical conditions. We appreciate your attention.

Additional Considerations

Attire and Footwear Recommendations

Camel Treks Australia enjoys the company of many repeat guests who have become experienced trekkers and very handy with the camels. These regular camel riders  have highly recommended wearing padded bicycle shorts underneath pants for extra camel riding comfort.

Dress Code for Camel Riding

We also suggest arriving with gaiters and wearing long pants when camel riding, and ask that you do not purchase new shoes or boots just prior to your camel trek experience as this is likely at worst to lead to blisters and sore feet. Regular bushwalking guest trekkers prefer elastic-sided boots or comfortable bushwalking boots/shoes, along with a comfortable closed casual shoe to slip on in the evenings. Please keep in mind that in an outdoor environment it pays to always wear closed shoes, versus outdoor sandals.

Age Limit and Health Considerations

Cameleers offer guests a great get-away for the young and young at heart. There is no age limit for guests to participate with the camels and campfire activities. It is, however, required that you are in good general health and can balance if riding. Treks are facilitated in remote landscapes, and guests with challenges can opt to travel in our four-wheel-drive vehicles with the camp shift crew.

Optional Extras and Station Accommodation

On the first and final evenings of a trek, you can choose an 'optional extra' of enjoying station accommodation. This optional extra needs pre-arranging, and we ask that you make your booking for a Clayton Station Luxury Deluxe Unit as soon as your trek booking has been confirmed.

Travel Arrangements

For travellers coming from overseas or interstate, we suggest arriving in Adelaide City the evening prior to your departure, and staying at the YHA. The YHA offers comfortable and affordable accommodations, conveniently located near the Adelaide Central Bus Station.

Transportation Options

CTA recommends the optional extra schedule, utilising Stateliner Premier Coach Services return charter service from Adelaide City to Port Augusta Regional City. Camel Treks Australia's staff offer a complimentary transfer from Port Augusta Regional City to Clayton Station Wetlands on Clayton Station, providing convenient access to our trekking base in the remote Outback of South Australia from the starting point in Adelaide City. Detailed arrival and departure information is available for each 4, 5, 7, and 9 trek from the Outback Treks page. 

Self-Driving Information

Self-driving guests with high 2-wheel drive vehicles are welcome to arrive at our trekking base location. We kindly request that you review the Outback Roads website before your departure.

Arrival Details

We hope this information makes your journey stress-free, and we look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable trekking experience.





  • Long pants for riding

  • Shorts in warmer months for walking

  • Many guests bring gaiters & sock savers

  • Long and short sleeve shirts / t- shirts

  • Layered clothing is recommended

  • Padded bicycle shorts for camel riding

  • Warm water-proof jacket

  • Head beanie / socks / gloves

  • Comfortable outdoor wear / sunscreen

  • Broad brimmed sun hat / fly net / sunglasses 

  • Bathers for hot tub & water spots + towel

  • Bathroom bag for thermal showers

  • Comfortable walking boots / shoes

  • Now is not the time to break-in new boots! If in doubt pack - bandaids / strapping tape / 2 pairs of shoes

  • Socks should be thicker than standard / bamboo fibre is recommended

  • Basic toiletries / hand or face baby wipes / antibacterial

  • Fly net / insect repellant if desired / lip balm

  • Camera / spare batteries / memory cards

  • Battery pack to charge mobile phone camera / charger leads - we cannot always charge mobiles

  • Back-pack for carrying daily trekking needs

  • Head torch / extra hand torch if desired

  • Helmet for riding or email us to borrow

  • Sleeping bag rated from 0 to -5 degrees or -10 if you feel the cold

  • 3 litre water carrying capacity

  • BYO your favourite drop of liquor and snacks if desired

  • 1.) A smaller day backpack that you can carry water bottles, snacks and camera in

  • 2.) A second larger bag / suitcase to hold all your other personal belongings that you can access each morning and evening of the camel trek

  • Plate, bowl, cup & utensils - some guests bring paper or bamboo disposables and burn waste in the evening fire

  • Outdoor gloves if you want to help the cameleers!

  • UHF handset if you really want to be a cameleer!

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