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International Camel Journeys

2024 - 2026

Camel Treks Australia proudly stands as the first and longest-serving Australian Camel Company offering captivating Camel-focused Journeys in India, The United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Morocco, and Turkey.

Few things can rejuvenate the senses like time away. We've perfected the art of travel reconnaissance, dedicating extended periods in these diverse countries. Our team conducts client-focused explorations to curate handcrafted tours, ensuring that every experience is excellent and memorable for you—our cherished guests who share a love for travel.

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India ~ Rajasthan

January 2025 ~ 16 Days

Explore the endlessly colourful Rajasthan with experienced bilingual guides.

 Visit iconic monuments and experience India's camel people journeying in the Thar Desert, seeing a rarely viewed part of India, including the Bikaner Camel Festival.

Turkey & Morocco

TBA 2025 ~ 14 Days

The Camel Treks Australia team loves Turkey and spent 6 weeks curating what will be yet another once in a lifetime experience. 

We return to Morocco with a renewed enthusiasm for the Medina's and Sahara Dunes.

Mongolia ~ Gobi Desert

Jan.-Feb. 2025 ~ 14 Days

Travel with traditional nomad herdsmen, sleep in the mongol ger, access the vastness of the endless Gobi Desert riding atop a sure footed Bactrian Camel. Participate in celebrations at the Thousand Camel and Golden Eagle Festivals.

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