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Trekking Questions

Welcome to Camel Treks Australia's Frequently Asked Questions page! Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of the most common queries related to attending Camel Treks. We trust that you'll not only discover the answers you seek but also gain valuable insights into who we are and what to anticipate when embarking on a trek with us.

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Camel Treks Australia - Company History

Experience the Outback like never before with Camel Treks Australia, your premier choice for bushwalking, and camel riding

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Camel Treks Australia — the last extended trekking experience in Australia that allows guests to ride camels. With over 55 years of combined camel experience, founders Paul and Karen Ellis offer unparalleled expertise.

Rooted in training with respected elder camel-men, some with ties dating back to the original Afghan Cameleers, their knowledge runs deep. Driven by a profound passion for camel culture, Paul and Karen have explored camel communities worldwide, from Mongolia and India to Arab Nations, Turkey, and the Sahara.

Having met at a camel race gathering in the 1990s, they established their successful partnership in 1997. Internationally recognised for representing Australia with camels in films, photography, and global camel events, Camel Treks Australia is the epitome of an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience.

Clayton Station, our base since 2017, sits on the southern end of the iconic Birdsville Track in Outback South Australia, owned by Shane and Debbie Oldfield. The Oldfield family's legacy is tied to this dry pastoral region, surrounded by Sturt's Stony Desert, the Simpson, Tirari, and Strzelecki Deserts.

Clayton Station grants access to Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda-Lake), Australia's lowest point. Extended 7 & 9 Day Treks aim to reach the lake, providing guests with a unique, isolated experience. When filled with water, it attracts thousands of waterbirds, creating a vibrant breeding site amid red sand dunes and mesas. 

Please visit our Trek Location page for more information. 

Embark on unforgettable eco adventures in the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, leaders in bushwalking, riding, and nature

Thank you for considering trekking with us!

Camel Treks Australia invites you to discover the wonders of the Outback with our bushwalking, riding, nature-focused treks

"Thank you for visiting us online! In our real-world camel treks, you'll encounter fascinating characters. In Australia, camels are classified as feral animals, often targeted in culling programs.


Camel Treks Australia leads responsible animal tourism globally, offering a home to camels spared from being shot or destroyed for meat. We aim to positively impact each camel's life, providing a safe refuge. Our vision is a world where tourism is kind to animals, allowing people to enjoy positive interactions in a natural environment.

Camel Treks Australia is committed to ethical and animal-centric practices, ensuring a peaceful encounter for our guests. Unlike experiences using harsh control methods, our camels are trained with kindness or rescued, providing a humane and positive experience for both guests and camels."

Paul and Karen Jane Ellis, Directors ~ Camel Treks Australia

Animal Welfare and Camel Welfare - It Matters!

We express immense gratitude to our camels for their exceptional care during treks. In return, we prioritise their freedom to browse and eat throughout the day. Kindness guides our approach, avoiding harmful control devices like nose pegs and chain halters that may cause discomfort.

While realistic, we cultivate a loyal relationship with our camels, addressing difficulties with dedication, time, and patience, especially for those with past traumas.


Karen Jane Ellis, Co-Director - Camel Treks Australia, Cameleer since 1996 is a dedicated advocate for ethical camel handling and animal-friendly tourism. Explore her contributions to animal welfare in these articles:

  1. The Ethical Vagabond

  2. World Nomads

Join Camel Treks Australia for immersive bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism adventures in the stunning Australian Outback

Online deposit payment & Final full payment

Senior Cameleers spend many enjoyable hours working with their younger camels
  • All 2024 treks can be conveniently booked online via the dated trek images above.

  • Bookings are confirmed with a 20% non-refundable deposit, which is fully transferable. 

  • Final trekking payments are due 90 days prior to the chosen trek departure date or at whatever time you book your trek. ​

  • The deposit payment must be processed online, however the final full payment can be processed via our bank account. 

  • The final payment reminders are automated from within our online booking system and the final payment must approved and initiated by you, the guest. The credit card you used to make the deposit will be the card debited for the final payment, again with your approval.

  • Alternatively the final payment can be processed via our bank account details below ~ 

  • Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd ACC:102836169 BSB:805050

  • If you choose to make a direct payment, please kindly for our administrative purposes, send us an email confirming your payments, along with your name, and if possible, a screenshot of each transaction. This helps us keep our records accurate and up to date and appreciate you final payment prior to the trek departure.

  • Please note that our payment system is fully automated and will issue final payment reminders. However, if you choose to make direct payments into our business account, please disregard these reminders. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be customised for individual preferences and is designed to support our remote living circumstances.

Let Camel Treks Australia guide you through the Outback on unforgettable bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism expeditions

To ensure responsible operation in the tourism industry, we present our booking conditions transparently.


Despite the formal tone, rest assured that the relaxed atmosphere of our camel treks is what sets us apart.


While these terms may seem structured, our genuine excitement to welcome you reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional, warm, and professional adventure.


As we embark on this journey together, the terms and conditions outlines expectations, but in return, we promise

100% dedication to making your camel trekking experience extraordinary.

Please visit and read our Bookings Conditions page.

At Camel Treks Australia, the safety and well-being of our guests are our top priorities.


We believe in the transformative power of adventure, but we also understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. For this reason, we require all participants to have comprehensive travel insurance. This isn't just a policy; it's a commitment to ensuring your peace of mind throughout our camel treks.


Travel insurance not only protects you in case of unexpected events but also reflects our dedication to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.


We care about your journey, and having the right insurance is a fundamental step in safeguarding your adventure with us.

Experience Outback with Camel Treks Australia, specialists in bushwalking, riding, and nature-focused eco adventures
Discover with Camel Treks Australia, where every journey offers bushwalking, riding, nature-focused  tours

We do not require proof of vaccination, additionally we are unable to verify a person's status in our remote and frequently offline location.

However, we greatly appreciate individuals not arriving unwell and require the completion of our online medical waiver form prior to arrival which is only used in the event of a medical emergency by the Royal Flying Doctor Medical staff.

We request that all arriving guests contact us to change their trekking dates if they have any doubt about their well-being before departing from their home location, the bus, or when self-driving. In our remote location, we lack the capacity to care for unwell persons, and guests in such instances will be assisted to depart at their own additional expense.

Please also complete our linked medical form prior to arrival. 

[Medical Form Link:]

Interstate and International arrivals

Guests arriving from Interstate or Overseas, who do not plan to self-drive to our Camel Trekking location 'Off The Birdsville Track on Clayton Station,' should schedule their departure from Adelaide City using Stateliner Premier Coach Service's return charter from the Adelaide Central Bus Station.


This departure takes place early on the morning of your specified trek departure date. Therefore, it is essential to arrive in Adelaide City the day before to catch this early morning service with Stateliner Premier Coach Services.

We recommend exploring accommodation options in Adelaide City at Additionally, we highly recommend staying overnight at Adelaide City YHA (, which offers private rooms and is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the Adelaide Central Bus Station, ensuring a smooth departure with Stateliner Premier Coach Services.

Delve into the heart of the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, offering expertly guided bushwalking, and camel riding tours
Dive into the wilderness with Camel Treks Australia, your trusted provider of bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism adventures

Optional extra return charter with Stateliner Premier Coach Services and Complimentary Camel Treks Australia's service: 

The optional extra Stateliner Premier Coach Service return transfer from Adelaide City in South Australia departs from The Adelaide Central Bus Station 85 Franklin St, Adelaide South Australia 5000. Ph: (08) 8415 5555 and offers comfort and quickness of arrival into Port Augusta City, specifically to be dropped off  and meeting Cameleers at the Port Augusta East - Puma Service Station. 


These optional extra tickets need to be managed by guests and can be booked directly with the Stateliner Premier Coach Service. Currently, Stateliner Premier Coach Service offers seats priced from $31.40 AUD for pensioners and seniors card holders and full fare from $62.80 AUD. Upon arrival into Port Augusta, a complimentary return transfer from the Port Augusta East - Puma Service Station is provided. This transfer utilises all-terrain four-wheel-drive vehicles with closed luggage trailers, driven by Camel Treks Australia's experienced off-road driving staff.

Self Driving to Camel Trek on Clayton Station

Guests can easily self-drive in standard 2-wheel drive vehicles, provided they have high ground clearance for the final 50 km of dirt road on the Birdsville Track from Marree township to Clayton Station. We suggest splitting the 7 hour 50 minute drive into two days, staying overnight at the halfway point Hawker Township region—perhaps visit Wilpena Pound and overnight at Merna Mora Station, conveniently located off the main road for an effortless start the next day.

Self-drivers are welcome to arrive at Clayton Station Wetlands before our arrival, which serves as our first night's camp for all Camel Treks Australia journeys in 2024. We kindly request that you review the Outback Roads website before departure. It's important for self-drivers to be aware that road and weather conditions can rapidly vary in the Outback, with frequent crossings of native animals and station stock on the roads; we recommend avoiding driving at dawn and dusk. Additionally, self-driving guests should ensure they have a spare tire, an adequate supply of drinking water, and confidence in the mechanical reliability of their vehicles. Please note that mechanical services and towing services from the Northern Flinders onwards are limited and costly. Now might be a good time to check your RAA or equivalent membership.

Self-driving guests can arrive at The Clayton Station Wetlands Camping Ground anytime in the afternoon. However, please note that the Camel Treks Australia crew will likely not arrive until 6 pm onwards and will provide a late evening meal. If you arrive earlier, feel free to enjoy the hot spa and showers. For navigation, we recommend setting your GPS to Clayton Station, Birdsville Track, or Marree in South Australia (postcode 5733). Follow the Birdsville Track from Marree to reach Clayton Station, approximately 50 km from Marree.

Camel Treks Australia employs the best outdoor staff and uses specialised vehicles to transport guests in Outback Australia

Vehicle back-up on Camel Treks

Camel Treks Australia invites you to the Outback with our bushwalking, riding, and nature-focused eco tours

Despite physical limitations preventing some guests from partaking in camel trekking, we offer a unique alternative.


These individuals can join our camp shift crew with full-time vehicle support, providing them the opportunity to experience the morning and afternoon activities, including camel saddling and unsaddling, as well as shared meals.


During the day, they can explore the immediate environment, relax by the campfire, or assist the crew in preparing damper bread dough and the evening meal.


If this option suits you, please reach out to us via email at

Medical Emergency support on Camel Treks

Clayton Station, serving as the 2023 trekking base for Camel Treks Australia, is equipped with an actively monitored UHF Channel. Our cameleers carry UHF handsets, and our vehicles are fitted with larger fixed units. In case of a medical emergency, Clayton Station has an approved airstrip for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) to land.

Throughout the booking process, individuals with diagnosed medical conditions must provide comprehensive details about their condition and treatment plan. Be assured that this information remains strictly confidential and is only accessed or referenced in the event of a medical emergency. For serious or complicated conditions, Camel Treks Australia may appreciate and, if necessary, request a support letter from the prescribing Medical Doctor or relevant Health Professional.

At the time of booking we provide and request all guests complete our medical form. This is connected to our compliance, insurances, and obligations as Royal Flying Doctor Chest Kit holders.


Head Cameleer Karen Jane Ellis is authorised to administer medications from within the RFDS comprehensive Medical Chest, which we carry at all times, and under the supervision of an RFDS Medical Doctor.


In the event of a medical emergency, we can immediately contact The Royal Flying Doctor Service via our satellite phones to address medical conditions. We appreciate your attention.

Join Camel Treks Australia for immersive bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism adventures in the stunning Australian Outback
Hot Artesian Water experiences await guests on any safari tour or holiday experience with Camel Treks Australia

Opt for luxury unit accommodation on the first night at Clayton Station and experience the ultimate indulgence.


Each unit features a private, natural, rejuvenating hot water artesian basin spa-sized outdoor tub—ideal for relaxation under the stars. 


This exclusive option is available only on the first night of the camel trek, and only two units are available. To secure your reservation, please use the following link: Air BND Clayton Station.

Equipment and Safety Measures on Outback Treks

We are fully equipped to handle outback conditions.

During treks, our Cameleers carry satellite phones and comprehensive first aid kits, including the specialised Royal Flying Doctor Chest.

All staff members are equipped with UHF handsets to facilitate communication.


All-terrain four-wheel-drive vehicles accompany every trek, remaining at each base camp and within easy communication reach in case they are required. Senior cameleers also trek with GPS handsets and EPIRBs.

The camping equipment provided for guests is user-friendly and of the highest quality, ensuring maximum comfort.

Delve into Outback with Camel Treks Australia, offering expertly guided bushwalking, riding, nature-focused tours

Camel Trekking Safety Considerations

Embark on an eco adventures in the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, leaders in bushwalking, riding, and nature tours

For your safety and security we travel with:

  • Satellite phones and EPIRB safety units

  • UHF handsets and location relevant maps

  • Global navigation devices

  • A comprehensive Royal Flying Doctor medical chest

  • First aid kits and toiletries in our day packs

  • All terrain back-up vehicles

  • Senior cameleers all have first aid training and or remote training

  • Adherence to best practice safety standards​​

Some of our Trekking features

  • Book now with a 20% deposit; full final payment due 90 days prior

  • ​​​Cameleers offer vehicle transfer and the evening meal on Day 1; this is a tour in itself!

  • Breakfast is served on the morning of departure

  • Generous meal portions including breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks

  • All meals are cooked in cast iron cookware

  • Unlimited access to fresh fruit and clean drinking water

  • Coffee, assorted teas and cordial are provided

  • Dairy / alternative milks

  • Walking or riding options atop our magnificent camels with padded seats for maximum comfort

  • With advance notification we can cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten /egg / nut and dairy free diets

  • Clean and comfortable camping equipment

  • Tidy, private toilet tents with basic toiletries provided

  • Comfortable camping in spacious deluxe swags

  • Evening campfires with comfortable camp chairs

  • Optional Return transfers with Stateliner Premier Coach Service and Camel Treks Australia

  • Extended International Journeys in Mongolia, India, and Morocco are scheduled to resume from 2024

  • Satellite phones and EPIRB safety units

  • UHF handsets and location relevant maps

  • Global navigation devices

  • A comprehensive Royal Flying Doctor medical chest First aid kits and toiletries in our day packs

  • All terrain back-up vehicles

  • Senior cameleers have remote and first aid training

  • Adherence to best practice safety standards

Experience the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, your premier choice for bushwalking, riding, and nature-focused safaris

How many guests are on a Camel Trek?

Cameleers live to share the Australian Outback on their mix of treks safaris and tours

Treks offer a personalised guest experience with a typical group size of 8 camel riders and 6-8 bush walkers.


This size ensures all guests receive ample attention, and we cover expenses working in a remote landscape, as well as enabling fair compensation for our hardworking cameleers.


Additionally, it allows us to prioritise the welfare of our camels by providing the highest quality hay, supplements, and veterinary care.

Camel Riding or Bush Walking on Treks?

Whether you seek a leisurely exploration of the Outback, breathtaking scenery, or a unique, unforgettable experience, camel riding and bushwalking are ideal additions to your journey.

Camel riding offers an age-old adventure, leaving an indelible mark on those seeking a touch of excitement during their holiday. This traditional mode of transportation has gracefully crossed vast distances for centuries.


Camel Caravans are accompanied by those who wish to bush walk with the cameleers. Bush walking connects to the immediate world around us in a way that only the subtleties of walking on foot can provide. Bushwalking provides a steadfast approach to discovering the rugged beauty of Outback Australia. Our experienced guides will help walkers identify plants, tracks, and scats, offering insights into the region's unique ecology for a deeper understanding.

Whether you choose to ride, walk, or combine both, our cameleers endeavour to deliver an enjoyable adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Our behind-the-scenes all-terrain backup vehicles ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

When booking online, choose the bushwalking link for a discounted rate. Bushwalking guests experience the same friendly camels, crew, and delicious camp oven meals at this reduced rate. You can also opt to lead a non-riding camel string alongside our experienced cameleers. Riding guests have the flexibility to choose between riding and walking during the trek, seamlessly combining both options.

Discover the wilderness of the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, expertly guided bushwalking, riding, nature eco tours

Camel Riding: An Inclusive Experience

Discover the Australian Outback with Camel Treks Australia, your go-to for bushwalking, riding, eco-friendly nature safaris

Camel riding offers a comfortable experience with a supportive saddle positioned behind the hump, making it easier than traditional horse riding.

CTA Camels are known for their calm and steady demeanour. Ours happily plod along, taking in the scenic surroundings and occasionally pausing to savour a tasty desert plant. Their content nature makes camel riding suitable for individuals of all skill levels.

Our camels are seasoned professionals, having carried numerous riders, including those participating in school camps and facilitated programs for the disabled in the past. We've successfully accommodated riders with various needs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

We believe camel riding is accessible to the majority, requiring no prior experience. Barring specific health conditions affecting balance, we are confident in providing a memorable and inclusive camel riding adventure for everyone.

Camel Riding and Comfort

Many of our regular guests opt for padded bicycle shorts underneath their outer pants, providing excellent comfort during the ride.

Please consider avoiding pants with inner seams, as they may cause rubbing and discomfort. Horse-riding, gym or fitness pants are recommended over jeans for a smoother experience.


Rest assured, our camel saddles feature multiple layers of padding to ensure rider comfort. However if you feel moved to bring a sheepskin, thick blanket or broad u-shaped cushion for additional mass we will help you place this appropriately on the saddle seat.

Explore the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, experts in bushwalking, riding, and nature-focused eco-tourism adventures

Fitness Requirements for Camel Trekking


Moderate fitness is essential for our treks, as they involve a combination of walking and riding on uneven terrain.


Accommodations include deluxe Aussie Swags, similar to single-man tents, where the ability to bend and move from a ground level position is necessary.


For guests with known medical conditions, Camel Treks Australia requires a support letter from their Medical Practitioner due to the remote Outback landscape we operate in.

What is the Ideal Age Range for Participation?

Families with young children are encouraged to join specific treks scheduled during school holidays.

Our treks welcome participants of all ages, showcasing the diverse range of adventurers. Our most seasoned guest, now 82, effortlessly outpaces guests half her age, demonstrating that age is not a limitation. If you are fit and enthusiastic, irrespective of age, you are warmly welcomed.

The majority of our guests fall within the retired demographic, with the average age of trekkers ranging from 50 to 85 years. We firmly believe that the trekking experience is enriching and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age.

It's important to mention that Camel Treks Australia provides back-up vehicles, strategically positioned along the route. Although not accompanying the camel caravan during the day, these vehicles offer convenience by meeting the trek at various points, facilitating guest pick-ups.


Additionally, guests have the option to spend days with the camp shift crew in vehicles, enjoying the scenery, leisurely activities, or assisting with camp preparations such as making dampers and desserts.

Senior Cameleer Edward looks after his camels and guests alike on safaris tour and treks

Bush Walking Terrain Overview

Camel Treks Australia safari tour holida

The walking terrain on our camel treks is generally easy, requiring a good level of general fitness.


Walkers maintain a comfortable pace with the camels and cameleers. Camels frequently pause to browse on desert bushes and saltbush plants, creating a leisurely pace.


The terrain includes firm gibber plains, swale spaces between dunes, and softer sand on the sides and tops of dunes, offering stunning views of the parallel sand dunes of the Tirari Desert.


We also traverse the Clayton Creek wetlands, clay pans, and floodplains. This diverse landscape is pleasant and has proven suitable for our mostly mature-aged guests.

Camel Assistance with Day Gear

Camels are more than happy to carry any items you don't need immediate access to during the day.


For your comfort and hydration, we recommend guests arrive with a 3-litre water capacity.


If you prefer a lighter load, our camels can securely carry additional water bottles, jackets, lunch, and more on their saddles, whether you have chosen to walk or ride.

Immerse yourself in the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, providing unforgettable bushwalking, riding, eco tours

What to Bring on a Trek - Suggested Packing List

Let Camel Treks Australia guide you through the Outback on unforgettable bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism expeditions

We recommend bringing two bags:

  1. A smaller day backpack for essentials like water, snacks, and a camera.

  2. A larger bag or suitcase for all other personal belongings, accessible each morning and evening of the camel trek.


When selecting clothing, opt for comfortable layered options suitable for walking or riding. Cameleers wear bamboo or natural-fibre socks with walking shoes or boots for optimal ankle and foot movement.


Upon booking, a comprehensive list of 'what's included' and 'what to bring' will be emailed. The following checklist provides a guideline:

Checklist - What to Bring:

  • Long pants for riding

  • Shorts (in warmer months) for walking

  • Gaiters and sock savers for protection

  • Long and short sleeve shirts/t-shirts

  • Layered clothing for varying temperatures

  • Padded bicycle shorts for camel riding (recommended)

  • Warm, water-proof jacket

  • Head beanie, socks, and gloves

  • Bathers and towel for hot thermal springs

  • Helmet if riding

  • Disposable or plastic plate, cup, bowl, fork, knife, spoon

  • Comfortable outdoor wear suited to riding/walking

  • Broad-brimmed sun hat, fly net, sunglasses, lip balm

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent (if desired)

  • Comfortable walking boots or shoes

  • Basic toiletries, hand or face baby wipes, antibacterial gel

  • Camera, spare batteries, memory cards, charger, battery pack

  • Backpack for carrying daily trekking needs

  • Head torch and/or larger hand torch

  • Sleeping bag rated from 0 to -5 degrees

  • 3 x 1-liter drink water bottles or Camelbak

  • Your favorite drop of liquor (BYO)

  • Travel/health insurance

  • Outdoor gloves (if you want to help the cameleers)

  • UHF handset (if you want to be a cameleer!)

What's included:

  • We provide you with an Aussie Swag. In Australia, a swag is a portable sleeping unit. Historically, it was a bundle of belongings typically rolled in a sheet of canvas to be carried by a foot traveller in the bush. Today, our modern swags are freestanding, almost like a single-man tent, tested to guarantee you the most comfortable and convenient outdoor experience ever. Made of thick, tough, high-quality hard-coat waterproofed canvas with a 70mm thick posture foam mattress, they are much warmer than a tent and far more comfortable. Ventilation windows at both ends with full-length super-fine mesh on side entry doors and both ends of the swag offer fantastic ventilation and star-gazing at night.

  • Bring your own sleeping bag and bedding. Sadly, after years of hiring our sleeping bags, this is no longer an option due to COVID-19 remote tourism guidelines.

  • On day one, the evening meal is provided and all meals thereafter, completed with breakfast on the morning of departure.

  • Given that we have back-up vehicles, we can store fresh produce on ice that would otherwise be impossible. This means we can deliver an unparalleled Outback experience. Generous meal portions on full trekking days, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as unlimited access to fresh fruit and clean drinking water.

  • Plunger Coffee, assorted teas, and cordial are provided with dairy and alternative milks.

  • Toilet tents provide privacy with all basic toiletries, including hand wipes and sanitiser.

  • Riding camels with padded seats ensuring maximum comfort that can carry bushwalkers additional day gear.

  • With advance notification, we can cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten/egg/nut, and dairy-free diets.

  • Up-to-date communication systems and support vehicles to ensure guest safety.

  • We trek with the Royal Flying Doctor Medical Chest, and extensive First Aid supplies accompany the cameleers during the day.

  • We provide basic cameleer training for guests interested in assisting closely with the camels.

  • Evening campfires with comfortable camp chairs.

Cameleers are dedicated to ensuring guests enjoy their best Outback Australia holiday with Camel Treks Australia

Shower Facilities on Camel Treks

Camel Treks Australia Australian Desert Expeditions Outback Camel Company National Parks B

Guest trekkers arrive at an oasis-like camping ground along the renowned Birdsville Track at the Clayton Station Wetlands, equipped with excellent amenities including showers, flushing toilets, and a generously sized hot artesian spa fed by the pristine waters of the Great Artesian Basin.

The showers, too, are a refreshing experience with the pure waters of the Great Artesian Basin. They leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. Don't forget to pack your bathers to indulge in the hot artesian thermal tubs, showers, and natural water opportunities offered throughout your camel trekking adventure.

Toilet Facilities on Camel Treks

We prioritise your comfort and hygiene during our treks, and our toilet facilities are designed with your needs in mind.


At each campsite, we set up two private toilet tents, one of which has two compartments and can double as a change room. These tents are among the first to be erected and the last to be packed away. Managed by our dedicated camp shift crew, the toilets are equipped with stable and easy-to-use half-cut 44-gallon drums mounted with toilet seats at a standard height. The tents zip up for privacy, containing ample supplies such as toilet paper, bathroom wipes, hand sanitiser, and waste paper bags.


For each new campsite, our toilet tents are renewed with fresh supplies, ensuring cleanliness and tidiness. The tents, made of non-see-through material, feature vents for fresh air and scented aerosols. The toilet area is discreetly placed on the edge of the camp, offering privacy and seclusion.

Cameleers carry toilet supplies in the camels' pack bags, accessible at any time during our treks. Additionally, we recommend carrying a personal supply of toilet roll, wipes, matches, and antibacterial gel for use during the day.

When nature calls during the trek, our expansive trekking area provides plenty of bushes and sand dunes for privacy. Guests usually find a private space during our group lunch pauses. We encourage responsible disposal by burning used toilet paper with matches, followed by covering the area with sand. Hand wash or antibacterial gel is recommended, with used wipes and matchsticks disposed of by cameleers at camp later in the afternoon.

Upon arriving at each day's new campsite, rest assured that the toilet facilities will be ready for use, ensuring your convenience throughout the trek. Flush toilets are available on every treks first night and some final nights of extended treks. 

Explore the beauty of the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, your ultimate destination for bushwalking, riding, nature tours

Meals and Beverages Provided - Alcohol

Experience the magic of the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, specialists in bushwalking, riding, nature-focused ecotours

The meals served on our camel treks are freshly prepared, diverse, and abundant, featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables.


We can accommodate special diets, including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian, and vegan, with advance notice.

We believe that delicious meals enhance the overall travel experience. You'll have access to unlimited clean rainwater, a variety of teas, including herbal blends, and morning plunger coffee.

Over the years, the only negative feedback we've received from guests was that they had hoped to lose weight on the camel trek! Many guests bring their favorite snacks, which we can safely store within our vehicles. Just let us know when you'd like to access them, and a crew member will assist you.


Guests are also welcome to bring their own alcohol for evening enjoyment. 

Please BYO your own plate, bowl, cup, and cutlery. This was a COVID tourism regulation we had to adhere to. We recommend bringing your own hard camp kit or disposables, which can be thrown in the fire. We are happy to provide dishwashing liquid and a washing tub. Apologies for this inconvenience.

We recommend arriving with your bottles protected, boxed, or packaged for easy transportation. Alternatively, you can choose casks if you're concerned. While we do travel with esky's, we cannot guarantee simultaneous cooling for all bottles, as food storage takes priority.

On the Camel Trek: Your Unhurried Adventure Unveiled

A typical day on our camel trek unfolds with a serene rhythm:

  • Morning Delights: Begin with hot tea or coffee 1 hour after sunrise

  • Breakfast Bounty: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast amid the picturesque surroundings.

  • Camel Moments: Capture the beauty of camels grazing in the morning light.

  • Guest Engagement: Join in as guests are welcome to assist with camel care.

  • Saddling Up: Observe or participate as cameleers prepare camels for the day's journey.

  • Scenic Walk: Set out for a walk with camels, cameleers, and fellow guests.

  • Midday Pause: Take a break for lunch halfway to the next campsite.

  • Camp Arrival: Reach a new campsite in the late afternoon.

  • Unsaddling Ritual: Join the process of removing saddles and blankets from camels.

  • Evening Atmosphere: Experience the magic of evenings with campfires, stories, and new friendships.

  • Guest Participation: Choose your level of involvement, from observing to hands-on engagement.

  • Hot Soak: At certain campsites a relaxing wash in the hot Artesian Basin waters is possible.

The trek's unhurried pace ensures you savour every moment of this unique holiday adventure. Each morning offers opportunities to witness and participate in the saddle-fitting process, fostering a deeper connection with the camels and the trek experience.


With an average daily trek of 8-15kms, there's ample time for exploration, relaxation, and enjoying the natural beauty of the Outback. Morning activities commence at sunrise, allowing guests to appreciate the tranquil light and enjoy a leisurely start to their day.


Whether you're an early riser or prefer a bit more sleep, our camel trek accommodates your pace for an enriching and memorable experience.

Cameleers and camels have strong bonds to each other, formed over many years of building trust

Charging Mobiles, Mobile Reception, and Contact During a Trek

Uncover the beauty of the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, where every journey offers bushwalking, riding, and nature

We understand the importance of mobile phones, especially when they serve as primary cameras during a camel trek. However, charging multiple phones for an entire group simultaneously can be challenging. Therefore, we recommend arriving as self-sufficient as possible with your mobile phone fully charged. It's also beneficial to bring a spare charger pack and lead for additional charging options. Some guests bring portable solar charging units, placing them on the camels during the ride.

While we travel with satellite phones, these cannot remain connected throughout the day or evening due to their rapid battery consumption in constant search of satellites. They are reserved for emergency use only and are kept turned off when not in use.

It's advisable to inform your family and friends in advance that you may experience limited or zero mobile service during your camel trekking experience. In today's world, this can be seen as a rare blessing, allowing for a more immersive and uninterrupted connection with the natural surroundings.

Our Head Cameleers carry a Garmin 66i, providing up-to-date weather information and serving as a means of texting and email in emergencies. Guests are welcome to use this service for essential communications or in case of emergencies, ensuring a balance between staying connected and embracing the unique experience of a camel trek.

Comfortable Desert Nights:
Our Premium Swag Accommodation

In 2024, we introduced brand new ECO DIRTY DEE 1400 SWAGS from Darche. It's our personal favourite Darche swag product, and it has become much greener with the introduction of the latest eco-friendly recycled materials.

With its super roomy design there's zero claustrophobia! This Darche swag is both functional and comfortable—a true home away from home. Set up is a breeze with the trigger lock ridge poles and Darche's signature heavy-duty composite poles.

We believe the free-standing Dirty Dee Swag, with its huge entry doors on both sides ensuring incredible views, will offer our guests the perfect desert night's relaxation and deep sleep. The super-fine mesh windows offer great ventilation while ensuring you're well protected from any unwanted insects.

Most importantly the Eco Dirty Dee Swag features a premium quality, high-density 70mm foam mattress for optimal back support.

The Eco Dirty Dee swag is made from recycled 280gsm ripstop polyester premium with an impressive 5000mm water-head rating. Not that we are expecting heavy rainfall in our low rainfall desert region, however, it does mean that they stand up very well against dust and sand.


There’s also internal seam sealing and a reinforced, heavy-duty 600gsm PVC bucket floor to keep you dry and prevent dust and sand from entering. We back up our Dirty Dee Swags with a supply of CrashPad and OzTrail swags used now largely on school camps.


With almost 100 swags and a variety stocked over the last 25 years, we are confident the Eco Dirty Dee Swag is our best decision yet!

Camel Treks Australia has the very best in camping equipment to ensure guests sleep like babies under the stars

Personal luggage allowance

Immerse yourself in the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, providing unforgettable bushwalking, riding, eco tours

Guests are welcome to bring unlimited pieces of luggage, which we provide secure transportation for in our four-wheel-drive vehicles between camp sites.

For convenience during the day, we recommend bringing a day backpack. Larger pieces of luggage can be accessed by guests in the mornings and late afternoon / evenings at each campsite.

Riding Helmets

As the exclusive provider of extended camel riding treks in Australia, our commitment to public liability safety mandates the wearing of a helmet throughout the entire riding experience.

In adherence to S.A Tourism COVID-19 precautions, we kindly request guests to bring their own helmets. If this poses any inconvenience or is impractical, please inform us, and we will provide a loan helmet for you.

For added comfort, we recommend wearing a sun-cap with a brim beneath your helmet. This not only acts as a sun-visor but also provides protection to your scalp, especially if your helmet features air vents.

Explore the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, your ultimate destination for bushwalking, riding, and nature tours

Footwear Recommendations for Camel Treks

Explore the Outback with Camel Treks Australia, experts in bushwalking, riding, and nature-focused eco-tourism adventures

Cameleer staff opt for closed walking boots, including elastic-sided work boots or hiking boots (sneakers are also acceptable), providing excellent ankle and foot movement.


While outdoor-style sandals are not advisable for walking due to desert prickles and rocky terrain, some guests prefer to wear sandals around the campsite in the evenings and mornings before the day's walk. Although we carefully select campsites to avoid prickly plant species, a few may remain. Outdoor sandals in the evening, particularly in the mid-year months, offer a comfortable way for your feet to breathe.

In warmer months (April - mid-May and mid-September - mid-October), closed casual shoes are recommended upon arriving at the campsite. While reptiles are widespread in Australia, their activity is not impossible during these periods. However, it's worth noting that urban and rural farms may witness more snake encounters due to increased mouse populations. On treks, our experienced cameleers typically encounter only 2-3 snakes per year. Gaiters at this time of year are recommended.

Socks play a crucial role in foot hygiene, and a daily change is recommended. Cameleers prefer bamboo or woollen-based socks for their breathability, thickness and comfort within boots.


Gaiters and sock savers are excellent additions to prevent prickles and sand from entering shoes while on the move.

If you need to purchase new shoes, allow sufficient time to wear them in. Arriving with comfortably fitting shoes ensures blister-free feet and an enjoyable trekking experience. As a precaution, we recommend packing band-aids and strapping tape.

Weather Conditions and
Recommended Sleeping Bags

Camel Treks Australia operates annually from April to October, and the weather conditions are reflective of the Marree township, the closest location recording weather.


Here's an overview of mean temperatures for each month:

Temperature Overview (Marree Township):

  • April 29° / 14°

  • May 24° / 9°

  • June 20° / 6°

  • July 20° / 5°

  • August 22° / 7°

  • September 26° / 10°

  • October 28° / 14°2 

The night-time temperatures can occasionally drop just below zero in late June and early July. During this period, we provide tarps that act as perfect blankets when placed over the top of swags. With appropriate bedding, the swags remain warm and comfortable.

For the cooler months, having the right sleeping bag is crucial. We recommend packing a minus 5 to 10 degrees rated sleeping bag if you are trekking during this period. Additionally, a good coat/jacket, beanie, and socks for the evening campfire will be appreciated.

Cameleers patiently work alongside their senior female camels so guests have the best trekking safari and tour experience

Use of CPAP Machines During the Trek

Discover the Australian Outback with Camel Treks Australia, your go-to for bushwalking, riding, and eco-friendly nature tours

We understand that some guests may rely on CPAP machines for a restful night's sleep.


If you plan to bring a CPAP machine with you, please inform us after booking. To facilitate its usage, we park our four-wheel-drive vehicle near your swag.


Ensure you bring a cigarette charger lead that connects to your machine and can be plugged into our vehicle.

Given the significant energy consumption of CPAP machines, rest assured that our dual-battery vehicles are equipped to support their operation throughout the night.


Your comfort is our priority, and we strive to make your trekking experience as accommodating as possible.

Can I bring treats for the camels?

Absolutely! Many of our guests bring bags of small carrots and apples, which the camels absolutely love as treats when we arrive back into camp in the late afternoons.


Additionally, they have a fondness for various dried fruits, with dates being a particular favourite.


It's a wonderful way to interact with our camel companions, and rest assured, they'll remember your kindness for a long time.


Feel free to bring along some treats and share in the joy of bonding with these incredible animals!

Dive into the wilderness with Camel Treks Australia, your trusted provider of bushwalking, riding, and eco-tourism adventures
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