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Bushwalking and Riding

Book your adventure with us as late as one week before departure dates, subject to availability!

Step into the Outback: 
10% Reduced Rate for Bushwalkers and 20% Discount for Return Trekkers

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"Explore Your Way: Bushwalking or Camel Riding?"

Whether you seek a leisurely exploration of the Outback, breathtaking scenery, or a unique, unforgettable experience, camel riding and bushwalking are ideal additions to your journey.

Camel riding offers an age-old adventure, leaving an indelible mark on those seeking a touch of excitement during their holiday. This traditional mode of transportation has gracefully crossed vast distances for centuries.


Camel Caravans are accompanied by those who wish to bush walk with the cameleers. Bush walking connects to the immediate world around us in a way that only the subtleties of walking on foot can provide. Bushwalking provides a steadfast approach to discovering the rugged beauty of Outback Australia. Our experienced guides will help walkers identify plants, tracks, and scats, offering insights into the region's unique ecology for a deeper understanding.

Whether you choose to ride, walk, or combine both, our cameleers endeavour to deliver an enjoyable adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Our behind-the-scenes all-terrain backup vehicles ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

When booking online, choose 'Bushwalking option' if desired, to receive a generous discount. Bushwalking guests experience the same friendly camels, crew, and delicious camp oven meals at this reduced rate. You

can also opt to lead a non-riding camel string alongside our experienced cameleers. Riding guests have the flexibility to choose between riding and walking during the trek, seamlessly combining both options.

If you are a return guest trekker please enter the Code - RETURN for a 20% Discount

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Nature Therapy | Wellness & Eco-friendly | Animal Therapy

"Guest trekkers are often amazed by the depth of personality camels have. They can feel and respond to kindness and love, with some even seeking out people for such contact.

Guests can rest assured they will meet a team of camels with an average of 10-15 years of trekking experience, living alongside the Senior Cameleers. The camels are able to eat throughout the day as they, riders and walkers explore. Our Cameleers completely avoid using any harsh control devices or nose pegs, which is one of the main reasons why our camels are happy to be handled. 

We are proud to operate in a visually stunning location, follow a 'leave no trace' eco-tourism approach, employ experienced cameleers and guides, and offer freshly prepared meals. Explore during the day, and relax at night under the stars while sharing satisfying meals around the campfire.


Nature therapy and animal therapy are effective ways to improve wellness, and more people are realising their rejuvenating benefits.  Taking a break from modern life to immerse oneself in natural settings and eco-friendly adventures can feel like a homecoming and provide crucial self-care. We facilitate fully catered riding and bushwalking getaways so guests can experience firsthand the restorative power of connecting with nature and animals."


Karen Jane Ellis

Owner & Co-Director ~ Camel Treks Australia

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Our treks offer comfortable, clean camping with private toilet tents, campfire chairs, and deluxe top-of-the-range self-contained one-man, fully zipped, tent-style swags with thick mattresses. This experience comes close to glamping.

Meals on our treks are healthy, ample, and delicious, with unlimited access to second servings, catering for all dietary requirements.

Our treks are not strenuous, and our staff take the time to share the entire experience with you. We invite you to join our cameleers for a unique immersive journey.


Cameleers enjoy sharing this slow form of travelling with their camels and guests.

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