WARNING: Aboriginal viewers are warned that the following footage may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

The Ngaanyatjarra Lands have had a long association with camels. Ever since the first non-indigenous explorers travelled the land, the camel has proven its capability in the country. Local Aboriginal people travelled by camel in the period between doing everything by foot and when the first motor vehicles and roads became available. The camels were released and since that time the camels have roamed free in the lands and the population has increased to approximately 300,000 in the region.


In August 2012 the Ngaanyatjarra Council board signed a joint venture with Central Livestock Management to form the the Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company. The company’s role is to muster and sell feral camels. In 2015 the Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company teamed up with Camel Treks Australia to commence export of trained camels. Both companies are opposed to camel culling and pro supporting a camel industry that employs the local Aboriginal people.


The Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company and Camel Treks Australia is developing an export industry from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. The goal is to bring the wild camel herds in the region under management and to develop a domestic camel industry from these well adapted animals.

We have successfully exported camels from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands to the United Arab Emirates and look forward to exporting to other countries in the near future. Every camel is unique, and each camel is assessed and handled respectively based on it's temperament and our clients desired outcomes. This way, our customers receive the highest quality camels Australia has to offer. We work as part of a team with the industry's most experienced professionals.

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