"Every camel is as unique, and each camel is assessed and handled respectively based on it's temperament and our desired outcome. This way, our customers receive the highest quality camels Australia has to offer. We work as part of a team with the industry's most experienced and professional." ~ Paul and Karen Ellis, Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd

About Our Camels

Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd works exclusively in partnership with the Ngaanyatjarra Council and Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company to obtain the healthiest and highest quality camels Australia has to offer, and as a collective team, we are leading the development of the export camel industry across every aspect of camel handling from capture in the desert, yarding, transport, training facilities, training techniques, export preparation and export transportation, as well as providing continued support for successful handling once the camels are located in their new home enviornment. 



We specially select Australian camels choosing from Australia's largest healthy population based in Western Australia in a remote Western District on Ngaanyatjarra Aboriginal Lands which stretches over 250,000 kilometres. We exclusively promote and train camels for and with the Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company for International Export and Australian Domestic sales. 



The Ngaanyatjarra Lands have had a long association with camels since the first non-indigenous explorers travelled the region, and the camel has consistently proven its capability to thrive in this country. Local Aboriginal people use to travel by camel in the period between doing everything on foot and when the first motor vehicles and roads became available.The camels were released by them and the original Afghan decendants who arrived with them as early as the 1860', when motorised transport became the dominant means of transport. Since that time camels have roamed free in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands and the population has increased to approximately 300,000 in the region.



Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd late teachers have taught proprietors Paul and Karen Ellis the virtues of time, patience, and processes. They have both been involved in every aspect of cameleering possible in Australia. Together Paul and Karen Ellis have owned and operated a camel riding treks business since the year 2000. Paul and Karen Ellis met through racing camels, competing against each other in front of representatives from the United Arab Emirates in Canberra in 1997. Since then, they have had contracts with the Royal Zoological Society, licensed to trek within World Heritage Listed National Parks, gone on to win multiple awards and continue to operate one of Australia’s only extended camel riding safari businesses and are highly regarded as leaders in the field of cameleering in Australia.



Collectively with the Ngaanyatjarra Council and Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company, Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd have successfully prepared and exported camels to the United Arab Emirates with the key objective being camel manageability. As a team, we understand the importance of camels being domesticated, leading to safe transportation and greater handling success. Quietened camels are a key essential component for International export camel sales and we are delighted to offer and promote Australian camels for International and National milking dairies, racing professionals, embryo transfer and genetic diversification programs. 



The Ngaanyatjarra Council, Ngaanyatjarra Camel Company and Camel Treks Australia Pty Ltd comprises a team of respectively skilled individuals positioned to represent the Australian camel industry in a professional manner, and with the capacity to provide an exceptional service beyond any other services currently offered in Australia. 

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