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Camels, people and the media in 2015

Camel Treks Australia is always aiming to work with the times ... blending our love of simplicity with learning the complexities of on-line media and marketing. I'm certain others could perform swifter outcomes, we just plod along like the rhythm of our beloved camels.

We know many great cameleers that are well beyond retirement age but still able and ready to share their knowledge with the younger emerging cameleers of tomorrow. Sadly they don't own computers and have no desire to alter that. Its changing times and we feel that what we do is keeping something grassroots alive and we know that tackling social media and letting people know what we do is just as important.

This year we won't be uploading a huge amount of film but what we will upload we hope will be of good quality. We continue to work with Eternity Films / Pete Dobre and look forward to his 2015 productions.

We welcome you to our fledgling youtube channel ...

Camel Treks Australia.

Happy Days

Karen Ellis

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